Transforming You Hypnosis

Hong Klein

Hong Klein

The staff at Transforming You Hypnosis is dedicated to showing clients how to lose weight without being on a diet, equipping them to be comfortably fit and trim for life. Transforming You Hypnosis also helps motivate clients to overcome their life challenges in areas of smoking cessation and anxiety and stress management.

Hong Klein is a certified hypnotist and practitioner in neurolinguistic programming with expertise in the McFall Hypnosis Method. In her career, Klein has successfully treated several hundred clients. One client testified, “I lost 15 pounds and went from a bulky size eight to a size four. I was so unhappy and tired when I had the weight on. My clothes were getting too tight, and my doctor started talking to me about my weight and my blood sugar level being too high. Wow, did I feel sorry for myself, and you may be there, too. My hope is to inspire you to get the help you need.

“At first, I wondered how I would find the time to exercise. I had such a jam-packed schedule, working full time with a young daughter to tend to. I had so much fun losing weight, and it was so easy! The health benefits have been amazing. I sleep better, and I find I need fewer hours of sleep than I used to. My blood sugar went back to normal. I’ve made changes I can live with. It was so easy and just a matter of getting the right perspective. Hypnosis did it!”

Transforming You Hypnosis offers several programs, and individual results may vary. For more information, call 281-709-8488.