The Show Must Go On

Two community leaders that continually show up – this time on a Saturday afternoon – at the George Ranch Rodeo Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon: Commissioner Vincent Morales, Fort Bend County Precinct 1 and Judge Chris Morales, Fort Bend County Court at Law 1.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

I love small-town spirit.  It’s one of the very things that I believe makes – and has made – our country great.  I love going to small-town events and seeing my community leaders show up on a Saturday afternoon.  I love attending gatherings of community organizations and seeing volunteers from all walks of life come together for the greater good.  I love seeing our towns and neighbors work together to keep our valued traditions alive despite all obstacles.

And that’s exactly what the cities of Richmond and Rosenberg have done.  On Friday, September 24, 2021, these fine cities will be hosting a parade honoring the 85th Fort Bend County Fair.  For the past 84 years, the Fort Bend County Fair has hosted a parade on the opening Friday of Fair when children are released from school and many local businesses close or open late to participate in this time-honored tradition.  But this year, the Fair parade was abruptly canceled.  Fort Bend County Fair Association President Brian Graeber said, “The Fair, being a county facility and in order for us to have our Fair, these were the recommendations that allowed us to move forward.”  The recommendations Graeber referred to were the cancellation of several Fair events suggested by the county and its health authority, Dr. Jacquelyn Minter, due to the recent uptick of the Delta Variant of COVID.  Several events didn’t make the Fair agenda this year.  The parade, which was never held at the county facility, was just one of them.

With the disappointing news, in stepped the City of Richmond and the City of Rosenberg in a collaborative effort presenting “Tradition Returns” A Parade Honoring the 85th Fort Bend County Fair.  As of last week, 75 floats had signed up to participate in this time-honored tradition, and Mayors Becky Haas of Richmond and Kevin Raines of Rosenberg and the Parade committee have worked to ensure safety measures will be in place to mitigate COVID concerns at this outdoor event.  Talk about stepping up and getting something done in government.  You go Richmond and Rosenberg!

And the 2021 Parade Marshal?  Those sweet Little Leaguers from Needville who were only two wins away from a Little League World Series berth when they had to forfeit and walk away when one of their coaches tested positive for COVID.  That is truly showcasing hometown pride and spirit.

The parade begins at 9 am with the route starting at the Historic Courthouse at 401 Jackson in Richmond proceeding west down Highway 90 to Jennetta Street in Rosenberg.  This is small-town spirit at its finest, and I hope the community and our leaders will participate.  I know of two community leaders who will be participating in this small-town tribute honoring the 85th Fort Bend County Fair, the youth it benefits and our Needville Little Leaguers.  Just take a look at the photo above, and be sure to give them a wave as they drive by.

See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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