The Real Holiday Happenings of Fort Bend

You know it’s a party at Star’s house when there’s an albino boa constrictor. Fortunately, Claire Brandani was my ride or die for this holiday . . . experience?

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

The Real Housewives on Bravo have nothing on the holiday season in Fort Bend. They may think they are all that with their elaborate events, but I assure you they have never participated in the fancy festivities that fabulous Fort Bend friends host to celebrate the season. If it can be deemed a competition between us and The Real Housewives of anywhere, I assure you it’s a tight race.

The broadcast babes host glamorous parties containing all degrees of spectacles and assorted drama with gorgeous ladies all dressed to the nines. Here in Fort Bend – same. The bubbles flow, the food is abundant and the music lively. Here in Fort Bend – same. And there are multiple events weekly, and yes, you see the same folks at each event, but you feel compelled to attend lest you miss out because these events are indeed entertainment at its finest. Plus, they are hosted by some of the most amazing and sparkly individuals imaginable. Here in Fort Bend – same.

With the nasty nemesis curtailing our holiday happenings for the past couple of years, this year, I’m all in. I’m doing it all – twice. And thus far, it’s been a virtual cornucopia for the senses. I’ve seen dancers dressed as human disco balls. I’ve also seen them dressed as cats, fairies and some mythical creatures I can’t quite define. I’ve witnessed acrobatic feats on thin wire circles suspended mid-air that have made me blush and given Mr. Kaminski ideas. I have procured champagne from the skirt of a lady whose skirt was solely made of filled to the brim champagne flutes. I have sipped signature cocktails and taken candlelight tours of a historic home. I may or may not have seen a couple of ghosts. I mentioned I was sipping signature cocktails, remember?

The difference between our holiday happenings and those of the Bravo babes is that so many of ours take the opportunity to celebrate the season along with celebrating our community. It’s a standard request to attend a party with a gift card in hand or a toy or item for a senior citizen to donate to a worthy community charity. I love that, and this year, I’ve seen more of that than ever.

Ringing in the holidays on the porch with Doug and Susie Goff.

As we have been blessed to attend events, I decided early on that my hostess gifts were going to mean more this year. The last two seasons have been less than merry for so many, so making a difference this holiday season has been on my heart. I haven’t brought the standard bottle of wine, the bouquet of flowers or candles for the hostess with the mostess. Instead, I opted to make a donation to the charity close to the hosts’ heart, wrap up a donation letter and place it under their tree. And I think that’s worked out just fine – especially since one of the most sparkly people I know – Susie Goff – texted me and told me she was taking this maneuver from my playbook. Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery if Glitzy Goff wants to copy you.

More events in the coming weeks, and I’m still hanging on – can’t wait, as a matter of fact. I’ll likely be face down by New Year’s Eve and all partied out, but who knows? Maybe I’ll rally.

Ho, ho, hugs! See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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