The Path To Aging Gracefully

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Allure Medical Directors Sarfraz Aly, MD and Salman S. Aly, MD, FACS.

Do you look in the mirror somedays and wish you could turn back time? Do you want to have more energy? Do you want to look and feel better?  Would you like to age more gracefully? Allure Aesthetics Wellness and Anti-Aging Medical Spa offers an extensive line of anti-aging treatments and therapies, sure to make you feel rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed.

Just ask Holly, a busy real estate agent who recently visited Allure looking for an extra boost of energy to power her through her long and hectic days. She sat down with Maria, a registered nurse with Allure, to describe how she was feeling and what she wanted to change. After a thorough, personalized consultation, Maria had a hunch that Holly might have several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So Maria recommended that Holly take a Micronutrient Test to determine her vitamin and nutrient levels. Upon completing the test, Maria suggested Allure’s Performance Hydration IV Nutrition Therapy. Holly was whisked away to a private, relaxing infusion room to enjoy her 45-minute treatment.

Immediately after the treatment, Holly noticed a difference. She felt more energetic and optimistic about facing the day ahead. She knew she could repeat the therapy as often as every week, whenever she needed an additional boost.  “If you’re feeling under the weather or just need a pop of energy, the IV Nutrition Therapy does the trick,” said Holly.

Sarfraz Aly, MD discussing IV Nutrition Therapy with Holly Jackson.

Are you tired of feeling your age? Want to have a radiant glow that turns heads? Give Allure’s Fountain of Youth IV Therapy a whirl. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you. The Fountain of Youth and Allure’s other IV Nutrition Therapies are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to increase metabolism, improve mood, focus, clarity, immunity and fight the signs of aging. It has become an effective and satisfying way to rehydrate, prevent colds and sharpen focus, increase overall health and slow down the aging process.

Do You Need a Lift ?

Amanda turned 50 this year and was interested in giving herself a lift – both physically and mentally, so she looked into getting BOTOX and Juvederm treatments at Allure.

After her session with Miranda, an RN with Allure, Amanda felt younger and looked refreshed, ready to tackle the world. Now, when she looks in the mirror, she sees a younger version of herself staring back. While she was hesitant at first, Amanda is glad she took the plunge. She returns every three months for follow-up treatments, which fit into her schedule perfectly.

“Like many people, I’m fearful of needles, but the team at Allure was gentle and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable about the entire process,” said Amanda.

If you want to restore your self-confidence and take years off your look –  like Amanda –  Allure can help. We are all about relationships and building a personal connection with you; we want to tailor your treatments to exactly what you need.

Is  Your Hairbrush a Friend or Foe?

Salman S. Aly, MD, FACS and Maria Enriquez, RN performing BOTOX injections to Amanda Smith.

Do you see clumps of hair every time you brush? You’re not alone. Hair loss is a problem for both men and women, especially as we age.

Jim wasn’t feeling like the best version of himself because his hair was thinning at a remarkably fast rate. He often wondered what happened to that tall, dark and handsome guy with a head full of hair that everyone adored. It was time to do something about it.

After some research, he soon discovered that Dr. Sarfraz Aly, MD and Dr. Salman Aly, MD, FACP of Allure, offer a PRP Hair Restoration treatment using platelet-rich plasma. After reading about it, he decided it might be the perfect solution since his hair was thinning, but he was not completely bald.

PRP has been around since the 1980s but has recently become popular as a treatment for hair loss. PRP hair treatments are a form of regenerative therapy, which utilizes platelet-rich plasma, a substance already in the body.

Composed mostly of water and proteins, plasma is the liquid form of whole blood. It provides a way for red and white blood cells and platelets to circulate through the body. Platelets are blood cells necessary for healing functions, including the follicles from which hair grows. PRP is taken from the patient and re-injected into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

Within just a few treatments, Jim noticed a new thickness and texture. His hair was growing back, and he felt more confident, more youthful.  Jim is happy with the outcome and even more pleased that he only needs to return once a year to maintain the new hair growth.

Can’t  Seem  to Lose the  Weight?

Sarfraz Aly, MD, Maria Enriquez, RN, Amanda Smith, Miranda Chudalla, RN and Salman S. Aly, MD, FACS.

You may have tried every diet in the book, and can’t seem to lose those stubborn pounds. Remember when you could eat or drink anything you wanted to without gaining an ounce of weight? Your metabolism was your best friend.

Not anymore. As we age, our metabolism or rate of calorie burn slows down dramatically.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) may be between 25-29.9, but over the years, you may have packed on some extra pounds. Do you want to look and feel better? Tired of trying fad diets?  Allure offers a weight loss program that includes dietary management, weight loss IV infusions, booster shots and oral supplements. The Nurse Practitioners at Allure work with clients one-on-one to tailor solutions specifically for their body type and goals. Allure supports you through your journey.  Start losing weight and feeling great.

Go Ahead – Show Some Leg !

Are you embarrassed to show your legs in public because of spider or varicose veins. Not only that, for some people, varicose veins can become extremely painful.

Varicose veins tend to get worse as we age. At Allure, we treat the underlying condition, resulting in a more effective solution. Sclerotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that is most commonly used to treat varicose and spider veins and is generally tolerated well by clients. The procedure is a medication that is injected into blood or lymph vessels, causing them to shrink.

While nothing can stop the aging process, Allure uses cutting-edge technology to regularly slow down the aging process – helping you to truly live your best life. Allure is dedicated to seeking out and providing appropriate services for our clients, both aesthetically and internally, in a private, upscale environment where women and men receive personalized care.


Look and Feel Youthful at Any Age


Samantha Taberes in Allure’s reception area.

Aging affects each of us differently. In the past, many suffered through the aging process as their bodies became depleted of vital hormones. Today, by correcting age-related hormone decline, Allure Aesthetics Wellness and Anti-Aging Medical Spa can give you the balanced body chemistry of a much younger person.

Many men and women are unaware that their symptoms of difficulty sleeping, decreased muscle strength, reduced sexual desire, exhaustion, low energy, fatigue, weight gain (particularly around the stomach and midsection area) and thinning hair may be contributed to by a hormone deficiency.

Bio-identical hormones are derived from plants. Chemically identical to the hormones produced in the body, they are naturally and explicitly compounded for a patient’s individual needs. With appropriate doses of key bioidentical hormones, like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, we can relieve andropause and menopause symptoms, and promote better overall health and function in the body. Dispensed in several forms – orally, in a cream or pellets – Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is effective and lasts for months. It provides you with a new lease on life.

At Allure, once we have your test results, a consultation will be scheduled with Dr. Sarfraz Aly, MD or Dr. Salman Aly, MD, FACP. The doctor will go over your medical history, your test results, your habits and discuss your goals. Then, he will recommend a personalized treatment plan specifically designed for your medical needs and lifestyle.

Stop feeling tired, unmotivated and uninterested. BHRT is a comprehensive, responsible approach to helping you look younger and feel better. Take charge of how you look and feel!

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