“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back t sleep!”– Wayne Dyer

Alisa Murray

Alisa Murray

By Alisa Murray –
Nationally recognized portrait artist and award-winning columnist –

Now, I always know when it’s happening. I am awakened before dawn by the crisp chirps of the morning birds near my windows. They call to everyone who will listen that spring is coming. If I had not been paying attention, there would be no escaping the magnificent entrance of, first, the tulip trees budding, and then, the tiny white flowers that spray up now and last only a week or so each year. Spring comes in with a flurry of fleeting beauty, and now in my 43rd year, I anticipate and quietly await for winter to end and for all things green to begin anew. It is indeed my favorite time of the year, with Lent ending and Easter arriving to remind us all that life is restored!

In the early years of my life, I was barely aware of the subtle changes and the lasting effects that this time of the year was capable of having on my soul. I passed from one season to the next fairly unmarked by it all, and days turned into months and months into years. It was at some point around forty that I began to look back and realize there wasn’t much time left. I had witnessed friends pass, my parents and grandparents, of course, and all at once, my life became desperately important to savor. My own babies were now child-ren, and although I had raised them consistently every day, I felt like I had missed something. Where had my time gone? Twenty plus years of marriage had gone by as well, all of it having been lived, but not savored.

I have written about living in the moment for years and doing so daily is not an easy task. All of us are busy with everything we have said “yes” to and more. The soul, needing to be balanced, yearns for such delicate attention, and each of us has an inner level that continually needs to be checked. There’s a time for sharing and creating and a time for learning and being patient. Life is always full of distractions, but it is essentially up to each of us to stop and take inventory. Lent has always offered that opportunity for me, and now, I am living more in my moments. The rituals of spiritual reflection and growth come and are welcomed like an old friend.

One of the more positive outcomes of living in balance is there will at some point be a time that it dawns on you who you are. With this newfound realization, it will hit you that there is a sacred space for you in the universe to be just you. Wayne Dyer explains this beautifully: “Your existence is a gift from a thriving, plentiful source of well-being. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep.” He and I both have in common the accidental habit of waking up in the middle of the night with thoughts and ideas, and yes, every now and again…an epiphany! Many novels and otherwise important revelations have been born in those wee hours of the night. Pay attention to everything. All of it in this life matters, which brings me to give you my explanation of the good and the bad things.

Occasionally, someone will say to me “good luck” or “you’re lucky.” I always am quick to correct them because in my way of thinking, there is not luck but destiny. We are all put here to do great things big and small. Some years are spent working hard, or going through bad stuff, while other years are joyful and are spent giving back from the successes of days long gone. I believe everyone comes into our lives for a purpose and will remain there to teach us, guides us and sometimes, we are to influence and assist them. There are never any coincidences; good and bad must be taken as a way for us to learn how to be in our life each day, each moment with an open heart and a conscientious awareness to be balanced and paying attention to everything.

Will you take this time to reflect on your life? Who and what is needing to be balanced? Take inventory. Most of all, as we begin another beautiful time of renewal, will you allow time for your soul to find joy and hope? Will you reflect and ponder on your life and discover in those secrets the birds have been singing especially to you?

Cheers to spring and finding your purpose!

Take Care of YOU!