Texas Age Management Institute Sets Pace to Improving the Aging Process

Want to live your best life now? The Texas Age Management Institute (TAMI) provides a program that is individualized, comprehensive and scientifically proven to provide effective, visible results.

Take control of your aging process:

• Do you have age-related diseases? (Hypertension, Type II Diabetes,

High Cholesterol, or Arthritis)

• Are you feeling weaker, slower, or heavier than normal?

• Do you need a caffeine boost just to get through the day?

• Are you suffering from “mental fogs”?

• Do you have stiff, inflamed, or painful joints?

• Are your reflexes and coordination not what they used to be?

If you answered yes to any of these, TAMI can help you!

Aging is inevitable. Weakness and decrepitude are not.  Youthful aging is possible, and you can take steps to prevent and even reverse some of these problems.

TAMI’s Comprehensive Program includes:

Diagnostic Testing:  Measures strength, balance, stress EKG, oxygen uptake, cognitive testing, body composition through DEXA scanning, bone density and hormonal levels through extensive blood testing.

Hormone Optimization:  Achieved with bio-identical hormones, as needed.

Nutritional Supplementation:  TAMI provides you with a supplementation package tailored to your situation.

Physical Activity:  Essential for maintaining muscle mass, mental functioning and lowering risk for heart disease, our physical trainer will help you achieve this.

David Jeyaraj, MD  is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing for 14 years. He, too, had health setbacks, so he enrolled in an Age Management Program. The results amazed him so much that he decided to start TAMI to help countless others like him.

For more information, visit www.texasami.com or call 713.271.0705.