Summer Travel Tip: A Corkscrew on an Airplane?




By Amy Gross –

With the Texas summer heat at its hottest this month, there is no doubt many of you are planning an escape or two. If you are flying and intending to enjoy some wine at your accommodations, here’s an important tip for you regarding corkscrews and air travel.

Sometimes I carry my luggage on the airplane, and sometimes I check it. Regardless, I almost always carry a wine key or corkscrew with me on all of my travels. What? How do I do that? Can you fly with a corkscrew or wine key?  Why yes, you can.

If you want to take a corkscrew in your carry-on luggage on a domestic airplane flight, here’s the secret:

You must carry a wine key that does not have an extending blade. Take a look at these two wine keys:

One has a folding knife to cut the foil, whereas the other has small blades that fit around the top of the wine bottle and do not have protruding blades.

The wine key with the protruding blade may not be carried in your carry-on luggage. The wine key whose blades do not protrude may be carried in your carry-on luggage. To keep things simple, pull the wine key or corkscrew out of your bag, and set it on top of your bag at security, as you would liquids, so the TSA agents can identify what you are carrying without question.

So, to review, this wine key is not okay to carry on an airplane:

This wine key/corkscrew is okay for you to carry on an airplane:

Following this tip will help you breeze through security, and enjoy wine at your destination without having to buy yet another corkscrew when you arrive.

Cheers, and happy travels!