Sugar Land Face & Body Plastic Surgery

As the only practice in the area to combine dermatology and plastic surgery, Houston Dermatology & Plastic Surgery (HDPS), in association with Sugar Land Face & Body Plastic Surgery, has grown to two conveniently located offices. Plastic surgeon and founder Dr. Eric Humble, along with Dr. Cedeno Laurent, have joined forces to open a new Katy office where Dr. Cedeno is complimented by new resident female plastic surgeon Dr. Mirtha Gonzalez.

One of the hallmarks of the HDPS experience is the personalized care and analysis that each patient is provided by the doctors and staff. Dr. Humble said ”We don’t expect anyone to come in knowing exactly which procedures or treatments they need. People come to us with their goals and we develop a plan to address those needs and wants in a way that best serves the patient and provides the highest level of personal satisfaction. Our aim is to arrive at the best solution for each individual patient. Our vast variety of tools and techniques allows myself, Dr. Cedeno and Dr. Gonzalez, along with our wonderful staff of medical professionals and estheticians, to literally customize a plan for each patient’s needs.”

From dermatology to plastic surgery, vein treatment, aesthetics and even skin cancer, patient satisfaction at HDPS is through the roof! Dr. Humble’s hand picked staff is perfectly suited to help you realize your own vision in a professional, yet warm and inviting setting.

“Tell us what’s bothering you and we’ll start small, explaining the best options for you.” said Dr. Humble. “Some of those might be surgical, but the majority of them are not. Our team is with you every step of the way.”

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