Snow Dreams . . . Abruptly Interrupted

Patti, Tim and Kassidi joyfully romping in the Winter Wonderland pre-2022.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

There I was playing in the snow with my fam. My only care in the world was what beverage I would have when I went inside to warm up. Wine? Chai tea? Hot chocolate? Well, you know I landed on wine. Then, it happened. Mr. Kaminski informed me it was time to go back to Texas. You know I love that man, but he can be so trying at times.

It was in the eighties at home; I was romping in snow. And I had really cute outfits in which to romp. I was not on board with his declaration. It honestly hurt my feelings. Why would Mr. Kaminski insist on stealing my joy? I was joyful in the snow with my babies and sweet husband, though he did become a bit sour when the reality of a trip home set in.

It was -7 degrees when we left. I’ll admit, that stung a bit. I have never been in weather that cold. I had on so many layers of clothing my arms refused to hang vertically; they were more perpendicular to the rest of my body. But, I put on my thermal big girl panties and faced the inevitable with a positive attitude. All good things must come to an end, and I was optimistic that with a new year, even more good things were on the horizon.

I was wrong, dead wrong. When I got up Monday morning after arriving home well past midnight, chaos ensued. And, I’m talking chaos on a monumental scale. There were warning lights ablaze when I got in Bonita to head to the office. (Bonita is my car, and yes, she’s very pretty.) At the office, my printer died. There was no reviving it. I couldn’t log on to my e-mail, and my Quick Books had a massive update that took forever. I couldn’t do payroll or pay bills as I couldn’t print checks, so I problem solved: I packed up my accounting computer and headed home as I had a printer there.

Turns out my printer at home was on its death bed. It would print, a few streaks here and there, but it was a lame effort at best. In my haste to solve multiple problems, I left my keyboard, mouse and a monitor connection at my office. Tuesday, I went back to the office to gather the aforementioned items and purchase a new printer. Office Depot didn’t have anywhere near the type of printer I needed. Once again, the dreaded supply chain issue reared its ugly head.

I understand that we are welcoming in a new year – 2022 – but it is beginning to sound more like Y2K in my world. Y’all remember Y2K, the doomsday prediction when 1999 turned into 2000, and the world as we knew it was supposed to implode? In the first two “back to the grind” days of 2022, I experienced computer glitches, car issues, dead or dying equipment, the inability to replace said equipment, and then, I began hearing about the bug of the new year. Turns out many of my friends and team either had COVID or had been exposed. The calls with the bad news just kept coming.

My laptop and printer worked in the snow. None of my friends in Colorado were sick. I was joyful in the snow. The snow was magical and fun. Maybe snow is the cure. I don’t know about y’all, but after the first three days of this week, I’m down to try anything to alleviate the chaos. I’m praying for snow. It’s happened before here, so why not? It could work.

See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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