Shelsculpting at Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Center

Have you accomplished your weight loss goals but still experience areas of your body that you’re unhappy with? Have you always wanted to make a specific improvement to your physique?

When it comes to inner and outer beauty, Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Center takes a comprehensive approach to providing the best results possible. Diet and exercise are effective to reduce fat deposits but cannot correct collagen fibers causing dimpling and stubborn fat, which can be difficult to fully eliminate with lifestyle.

At Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Center, six body sculpting procedures are offered including EmSculpt, EmTone, Vanquish ME, Coolsculpting, Exilis Ultra and Cellutone. Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Center is the only clinic in the Houston area to offer all of these technologies. These procedures enable you to build and tone muscle, reduce cellulite, reduce inches, permanently remove fat cells and tighten skin.

Come and feel your absolute best with Shelsculpting at Dr. Shel’s. Initial consults with an experienced aesthetician are free, and they will create your perfect plan to confidence. For more information, visit or call at 281-313-7435.