Sharon Thoppil: An Angelic Aide

Sharon Thoppil

Sharon Thoppil

By Lauren Dante Benoit –

Sharon Thoppil is looking forward to her senior year at Kempner High School. A student in the Health Science Technology program, Sharon is prepared for her future as a doctor and has numerous real-world experiences through both the program and her volunteer activities. Sharon is smart, motivated, driven and always continues to look for ways that she can help people and make the world a better, and healthier, place.

The Health Science Technology (HST) program at Kempner prepares high school students for college and future career planning. In Health Science Technology I, Sharon learned about the human body and how the body’s functions interact with one another.  During this course, Sharon fell in love with the idea of becoming a doctor after hearing local doctor’s experiences. Sharon was named the Student of the Year for Health Science Technology I. In HST II, Sharon is looking forward to shadowing a doctor at a clinical medical facility.  She will participate in clinical rotations and acquire health care skills.

In addition to learning about the health care field in school, Sharon also volunteers at Methodist Hospital. She volunteers in the gift shop and with the musical therapy program.  “At first, I chose to volunteer at Methodist to earn some service hours in a field that interests me,” said Sharon. “However, the more time that I have spent there, the more it has become about the people that I am helping than the hours.”  Sharon enjoys cheering up the patient and the patient’s loved ones at the hospital.

Through her church, Sharon also participates in health care activities.  She is on the medical missions team that volunteers their time and talents for underprivileged adults. “I feel that if people are not being taken care of medically, then they are unable to fully participate as members of our society,” said Sharon. “It is important to care for the physical needs of people and to help them accept the Gospel because everyone needs to know that someone cares for them as Christ cared for us.”

Sharon was very thoughtful about her decision to become a doctor. She wants to help her community and make a difference in people’s lives.  After high school, Sharon is looking forward to participating in an accelerated medical program. She is looking to specialize in dermatology or internal medicine.  “Your skin is the first thing people see, and I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin,” said Sharon. “As a dermatologist, I feel like I can help people love themselves and how they look.”

One of Sharon’s favorite classes in high school was psychology because she was able to understand how people process things, which she knows is a crucial thing for doctors to comprehend. She also learned that it is important to be sensitive to how people might perceive things that you say.

Sharon’s enthusiasm for learning extends beyond her medical field coursework. Sharon is an honor roll student and in the top 7% of her graduating class. She is a well-rounded student excelling in science and math classes in addition to English and fine arts classes.

A member of the Varsity Choir since her sophomore year, Sharon enjoys singing with her peers. “I love being in choir because the girls are so sweet and friendly,” said Sharon. “We are a big team that works hard together to reach our goals.”

At church, Sharon is a member of the church choir and can play the piano, violin or sing vocals. Sharon has many talents and is always willing to share them for the purpose of serving God.

Sharon fills up the remainder of her time as a member of National Honor Society and English Honor Society. She attends Bible studies before school and assists with the school’s blood drive. As a young lady, Sharon is wise beyond her years. She is realistic and understands that the true purpose of life is to serve others. We wish Sharon the best for her senior year and know that she will continue to pursue her dreams and make a difference in the world.