Santrol Renews Partnership with Fort Bend Cares

Santrol, a Fairmount Minerals company, recently announced a renewed commitment to Fort Bend Cares with a $15,000 donation. This is the second consecutive year Santrol has partnered with the charitable foundation that has been working since 2004 to improve the lives of the county’s at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

“We’re grateful to Santrol and the Fairmount Minerals Foundation for this generous gift,” said Walt White, Chair of the Fort Bend Cares Board of Trustees. “This gift will allow us to continue our work for the county’s children and teenagers who depend on the charitable organizations that offer the vital services they require.”

With this donation, Santrol is reinforcing its commitment to nourish a stronger, more prosperous future for the communities and families where its offices are located. From supporting social service programs, improving the environment, and advocating health and wellness goals, Santrol and Fairmount Minerals combine outstanding business operations with exceptional sustainability performance.

“We’re pleased we can make a difference in Fort Bend County by giving back to the area’s youth who are in need of social services,” said Vinay Mehta, Vice President of Technical Excellence and Innovation for Fairmount Minerals. “Good corporate citizenship is integral to our business values.”

Organized nearly 10 years ago by Dr. Robert McClendon and Jim Rice, Fort Bend Cares has awarded nearly $1 million to county-based organizations that offer educational services, health care and social services to youth in need of support. “The organization’s financial assistance has allowed us to send youth on field trips, enroll in camps and receive direction that allowed them to excel and see firsthand how learning positively affects their future,” said James Allen, Director of the Knowledge-First Empowerment Center.

Fort Bend Cares accepts grant applications annually. Applications will be accepted through February 28th, reviewed in March and April and awarded in June. The organization’s annual fundraiser will be February 1st at Fluor Daniel. For more information about event sponsorships, please call 281-433-3363 or visit