Ridgemont Elementary School Gearing up for New Spark Community Park

Ridgemont Elementary School students and staff are preparing for a new Spark Park that will soon be constructed on their school grounds to serve students and the surrounding community.

The Spark School Park Program works with schools and neighborhoods to develop community parks on public school grounds. In the past 30 years, Spark has built more than 200 community parks throughout the Houston area. Each park is unique, with its design based on ideas and needs of the school and surrounding neighborhoods. “We invited our parents, students and community members to provide input on the park’s design,” said Linda Espericueta, principal at Ridgemont Elementary School.

Ridgemont’s Spark Park will provide an upgrade to the existing outdoor facilities and feature a concrete walking track, a junior-sized soccer field with permanent goals, a sitting area, two basketball goals, a hopscotch and a four-square area. The park is expected to be completed this summer and will provide families with a common and safe place to gather after hours, while providing students with additional space for organized sports and other physical activity during school hours.

As part of the agreement with the Spark School Park Program, Ridgemont is required to raise $5,000 toward the construction cost of the park. The community is invited to join in the school’s fundraising efforts.

“The Spark Park will be an exciting addition to our campus, one that will re-energize our campus climate by bringing school and community together for one common goal – building a better future for our students,” added Espericueta.

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