Revolution Studio: A Revolutionary Spin on Fun, Fitness and Community

Kate Knizner, Kim and Mitch Syma, Brian Krauskoph and Kelsey Kearns.

Kate Knizner, Kim and Mitch Syma, Brian Krauskoph and Kelsey Kearns.

Only at Revolution Studio can you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in a total body workout and spiritual journey all while riding a stationary bike.  Kim and Mitch Syma came together to create Revolution Studio, a unique indoor cycling studio that puts a new spin on taking control of your health.  They both believed that there was a way to make exercise fun, invigorating and an empowering activity for all, so they set out to create just that.

Revolution Studio’s Roots

The Revolution Studio story began after Kim and Mitch had separately completed their bachelor’s degrees in 2004.  After graduation, each set out to the coast to begin the next phase of their lives: Mitch to Los Angeles and Kim to New York City.


Kim Syma and Nancy Olson lead riders Emiley Hendrix, Madge Jones,
Afshan Anderson, Keri Schmidt and Kate Olson in a ride benefitting The Rose Foundation.

In 2007, Kim had the idea that would start it all. Inspired by the studio fitness scene in New York, her idea was to offer a total body workout that would not only be fun and engaging but also incredibly effective.  She returned to school, as did Mitch, to work on their MBA’s at the University of Texas at Austin.  “We ended up in the same class and were assigned to the same team for a group project,” said Kim.  “As I was explaining the idea I had for this new indoor cycling studio, Mitch was so intrigued that we stayed after class to discuss what would become Revolution Studio.”

Chance brought Kim and Mitch back together several times the week that followed that first fateful conversation, and they began to talk more seriously about making Revolution Studio a reality.  As Kim’s plans for the studio flourished, so did Mitch and Kim’s relationship, and soon the two were dating.

Mitch graduated a year earlier than Kim and took what he called at the time his “dream job.”  “I had been hired as a brand manager for a great company based in Sugar Land,” recalled Mitch.  “Each time Kim and I spoke, she was so positive and excited about the concept of Revolution Studio, I couldn’t help but think about how this could really be something amazing.”  However, Revolution Studio almost never came to be, at least in Sugar Land.

With Kim scheduled to graduate, she was prepared to open her “dream business” in Austin.  The perfect location had been spotted, and everything was a go.  “I was within a week of signing a five year lease on my location in Austin, but something didn’t feel right. Even though Mitch and I had only been dating for about a month, I knew he was ‘The One,’” Kim recalled.  “Luckily, my family stepped in asked me why I was still going to open the business in Austin when Mitch was in Sugar Land.  It made sense.  I called Mitch, and we agreed I should make the move to Sugar Land.”

With the vision of Revolution Studio in place and the passion Kim and Mitch share for fitness, Mitch left his dream job to join Kim in opening their dream business.  Just 20 days after Mitch and Kim tied the knot, Revolution Studio opened its doors for the first time.

The Revolution Arrives in Sugar Land

Revolution Studio’s mission is centered on putting the fun back into exercise while delivering an effective, efficient, full-body workout in just 50 minutes.  Each class incorporates light weights and core strengthening movements so riders can simultaneously tone their upper body, back and abdominals.  “We wanted to create a sanctuary for our riders, a place where they could receive an incredible workout for both body and mind through adrenaline pumping music and inspirational coaching,” said Kim.

Riders can expect to leave each class about 500 to 800 calories lighter and ready for more, but don’t confuse Revolution Studio with your traditional gym.  With an upscale, boutique environment, it’s hip and trendy – an unexpected yet delightful surprise in Sugar Land.

“We designed the studio to be more like a spa than a gym,” explained Kim.  “We wanted to provide clients with the complete experience – physically, emotionally and mentally.”

Classes are conducted in a dimly lit room.  The atmosphere is energizing and uplifting where riders can come to clear their heads and focus on riding the way they want to live.  It’s cycling by candlelight, and Revolution Studio’s clients are loving it.

Revolution Studio’s Clients Clip In and Rock Out 

Kate Knizner, Matt Dennis, Mitch and Kim Syma, Jennifer Grum, Jessica Dennis and Kelsey Kearns wore their team gear for Revolution Studio’s “Sold Out Super Bowl Sunday.”

Kate Knizner, Matt Dennis, Mitch and Kim Syma, Jennifer Grum, Jessica Dennis and Kelsey Kearns wore their team gear for Revolution Studio’s “Sold Out Super Bowl Sunday.”

With growing community interest, it is becoming clear that Revolution Studio’s new spin on fitness is striking a chord with Sugar Land locals, so much so that riders are taking the Revolution Studio’s Facebook by storm.  One glowing testimonial comes from seasoned rider Jennifer Bradshaw, who started at the studio in January and has completed over 50 classes since.  Jennifer emphatically stated, “Revolution Studio has me truly committed to being the best me inside and out.  I leave class feeling stronger, leaner and totally committed to my day. For the first time in my life, I enjoy exercise!”

The studio’s client list continues to grow due to Kim and Mitch’s consistent dedication to providing not only the complete experience but exemplary customer service and personal attention. One client came to Revolution Studio with an idea to accomplish a 30 day challenge; she wanted to complete 30 classes in 30 days. With the overwhelming support and motivation from instructors, the staff and fellow riders, she proudly reached her goal. Other riders were so inspired by her journey that since then 15 more clients have taken on their own 30 day challenge.

With classes available throughout the day, the Syma’s are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to help continue to cultivate interest in fitness and enhance the overall cardio experience.  Kim and Mitch have built their business around the customer by actively listening to their client’s wants and needs. “We had a number of clients suggest that we set up a ride for teens, so now we offer fun themed rides specifically designed with teens in mind,” said Mitch. They also started the Fitness for a Cause program designed to give back to the community in which their business is rooted. Through charity rides, they have raised over $10,000 bringing their clients together in a united effort to raise funds for those in need.

The beauty behind the Revolution Studio model is the focus on a person’s individual success, regardless of their age or fitness level. Flexible pricing options with no contracts or initiation fees are custom designed based on an individual’s desires. The studio’s unique reservation system allows clients to select specific bikes much like reserving seats on an airplane. Client’s determine when they will go, where they will sit and with whom.

Though it’s a cycling studio, Revolution Studio stands for much more than just cycling. It is about empowerment, community and success in getting – and staying – healthy. Who knew that exercise could be this much fun?

Revolutionize Your Fitness Routine

At Revolution Studio’s “Classic Rock Ride,” Jaynah Ismail, Jessica Denison, Lee Zacharias, Kim and Mitch Syma and Amy Patterson clipped in and rocked out to the best of classic rock tunes.

At Revolution Studio’s “Classic Rock Ride,” Jaynah Ismail, Jessica Denison, Lee Zacharias, Kim and Mitch Syma and Amy Patterson clipped in and rocked out to the best of classic rock tunes.

Whether your availability is morning, noon or night, Revolution Studio has a spot for you! With numerous classes available to choose from each week, clients are sure to find the perfect class at the perfect time.

Classes can be scheduled with ease at and begin as early as 5:30 am and run as late as 7:15 pm.  Classes are designed for all fitness levels and can be tailored to the individual rider.

Revolution Studio also hosts charity rides in order to give back to the community that supports them.  In June, the studio sponsored a ride for The Rose Foundation and with that one 50-minute class raised over $1,000 for the organization.

To keep things fresh and interesting, Revolution Studio features special theme rides.  From disco to divas of music, from the King of Pop to Queens of Hip-Hop, Revolution Studio does it all.  There’s even a lovely Bride Ride for brides-to-be.

For more information about Revolution Studio, visit, or call the studio at 281-313-0662.

Located in Sugar Land Town Square:

2125 Lone Star Drive

Sugar Land, Texas 77479