The Real Deal

What makes Safety America different than all of the other martial arts schools around? Self-defense! They don’t just talk about teaching it, they actually teach it. Hands on, real-life, street, self-defense! Let’s face it, we live in a dangerous world today, and when you give your child the gift of self-defense, you are arming him with the tools to help keep him safe for a lifetime.

It all starts with kids four-years-old, believe it or not.  They call them “Little Ninjas” at Safety America. When you watch them practicing their “stranger danger” defense techniques, you will understand why. “They know when and where to strike, what to yell and when to run,” said Bob Gifford, an eighth degree black belt. “These kids are smarter and faster than you think, and when you train them properly, you increase their chances for escaping a bad situation.”

Gifford has been teaching martial arts for the past 40 years and has several successful karate schools all around Fort Bend County. He taught the Stranger Danger classes for the Sugar Land Police D.A.R.E. program for 10 years, so when it comes to kids, he knows what he’s doing. “It’s all about building a child’s confidence, and it takes time, practice and a mom’s dedication to bring him to class re- gularly. I have seen the personality of many kids change over the years from shy and withdrawn to self-assured and confident, carrying a whole new outlook on life.”

Come and visit any of Safety America’s four locations and try a free class. Call 281-980-3030 for more information.