Ready, Set, Graduate! Top 10 List for Seniors



By Vicki Ikele-

Hello Class of 2015! This is the time you have looked forward to since entering high school – you are now a senior! To help you get your senior year off to a great start, there are several things that you need to consider.  Here is your Top Ten List on making your senior year the best ever:

1. You are not finished! Senior year does, indeed, count. Do your best. No senior slide allowed. Your grades remain very important.

2. Meet with your counselor to be sure you are scheduled to take everything necessary to meet graduation requirements. No surprises!

3. If you have not yet taken the required tests for your schools of interest or if you are trying to better your scores, sign up for the first SAT or ACT available in the fall. This will allow you to have your scores back in time for priority deadlines for admission and scholarship consideration.

300-books4. August 1st is the first date for submitting admission applications. Get your essays written and your resumé information gathered so that you are ready to go. Early application is a plus as it indicates early interest. Likewise, it gets you in line for earlier housing consideration.

5. Continue to visit school campuses and local offices of admission representatives to investigate schools of interest. Try to narrow your list to five schools. Almost every school to which you apply will require an admission fee. That can become expensive! Save that money for textbooks or other expenses.

6. Secure letters of recommendation to accompany your applications. You should choose at least one teacher who knows you well. Likewise, it is helpful to have an employer, a coach, a youth minister or some other adult who can speak to your character and work ethic.

7.  Complete your resumé. Be sure to include information about your academic performance, extracurricular and volunteer activities, honors or awards and work experience. You will need to calculate hours spent per week in each activity, as well as the number of weeks per year you devoted to them.

8. Try to submit all of your applications online. This saves time and is much more efficient. Whether you are using the Texas Common Application, The Common Application or a school’s own application, try to complete and submit all necessary information before November 1st.

9. Once you have submitted your applications, request an official transcript be sent to the school or schools to which you have applied. Likewise, request your test scores be sent to the schools you have selected in order to complete your application requirements.  College Board (the SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) will then send them electronically on your behalf.

10. Investigate scholarship opportunities available to you. For example, your parent’s business or professional organizations, your church, your place of work or volunteering and local organizations or businesses. College is expensive. Do your part.

Senior year is a time to celebrate but not before you graduate. Do what you need to do, and take care of business. Then, you can enjoy every minute of your special year.