February 2021 – Exclamation Points!

Tim Kaminski’s favorite photo with his sweetheart.

Perceiving Romance –

It is has been said that perception is everything. Two people can have the exact same experience, and the recall – in part due to perception – can be completely different. This lesson came to light this month as we were putting together this special issue devoted to Fort Bend sweethearts.  I posted on my Facebook page asking Fort Bend friends to tell us about their love stories. Since our proverbial wings have been clipped for being out and about during the past year, I felt this was a great way to catch up and share some positive, uplifting and humorous stories with our community.  And after all, we could use a little more love right now.

I shared my own responses to kick things off, and the responses I received were amazing. I laughed, I was touched and then I saw that Tim Kaminski had responded to the call.  Interestingly enough, his responses to the exact same questions I responded to were different.  Yep, we were talking about the same thing, but our perceptions couldn’t be more different.  I even asked if he was talking about me – his current wife.   

Here’s how it went:

  1. How did you meet your Boo?
  2. What’s the secret to a happy marriage?
  3. What’s the one lesson you have learned from being married?

My insightful responses:

  1. Met at a party. Yes, I had a date, but I traded up for Mr. Kaminski.
  2. Wine, chocolate and real estate.
  3. Always be precious until pushed, but when the pushing starts, finish it.

Mr. Kaminski’s responses:

  1. We met at a Christmas party.  Her date drove a corvette.  I drove a Honda.
  2. Two words: “Yes, dear!”  And copious amounts of jewelry.
  3. Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.  Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow.

In hindsight, I see that while we have different perspectives, they do complement each other.  And I do appreciate the jewelry part.  Now I’m convinced that my recall and perspective is far superior, and based on Tim’s answers – “yes, dear” – he’s in agreement.  And that my friends, is the secret to a happy marriage.

Happy Valentine’s Day Fort Bend!  I hope you enjoy the day with your sweetheart!

Stay focused,