Overcoming Back or Neck Pain – Free Seminar

Larry Tran, M.D. and Jeffrey Wood, M.D.

Larry Tran, M.D. and Jeffrey Wood, M.D.

When your spine operates properly and is in good health, you don’t even notice it. But the minute an injury, poor posture or bad work habits (e.g., improper lifting, sitting at a poorly fitted computer station) come into play and create back or neck pain — watch out! When proper function of the spine is compromised, getting back on track takes center stage.

“Most physicians start with conservative treatments in dealing with back pain,” shared Jeffrey Wood, M.D., board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in diseases and deformities of the spine and with Methodist Orthopedic Specialists of Texas. “Rest, pain relievers, muscle relaxants and steroid injections in the spine (nerve blocks) may all be tried first to alleviate pain and improve function.”

“Other initial treatment approaches may include the use of physical therapy and the use of back or neck braces,” said Larry Tran, M.D., board certified neurologist with Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates. “These options help to strengthen weak areas that support the spinal column and provide additional support. Exercises approved by a physical therapist can aid in recovery from injuries, minimize pain and help maintain a healthy spine.”

When conservative treatment fails, surgical intervention is the last resort to alleviate back and neck pain. The following procedures, some of which are minimally invasive, are available at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital:

• Discectomy

• Laminectomy

• Corpectomy

• Spinal fusion

To learn more about these treatments and other solutions to your back and neck pain, join us at our free seminar!

Free Back & Neck Pain Seminar 

Whether you’ve had pain for just a few days or several years, join Drs. Larry Tran and Jeffrey Wood to learn more and have your questions answered regarding back and neck pain.  A free Back and Neck Pain Seminar will be offered on Thursday, April 11th  from 6 to 7 pm at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Conference Center and will include refreshments and door prizes. Reservations are required. Call 281-274-7500 or email SLRSVP@tmhs.org.