October 2017 – Exclamation Points!

Sugar Creek Baptist Church volunteers praying with homeowners affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“H” Words –

When my kids were little, the word “hate” reared its ugly head in their vocabulary.  They would strongly profess that they “hated” someone or something, and I would always tell them that we do not hate, and we do not use that word. We may strongly dislike something, but we do not hate. I must confess that last month, I came very close to using the word “hate” to describe another “H” word that I now strongly dislike:  “Harvey.”

I must also confess that as much as I strongly disliked “Harvey,” I absolutely love how my community has responded to this unwelcome guest. For days after
“Harvey” checked out of Fort Bend, no matter where I went – the grocery store, dinner, the bank, the office – I received and gave so many “hugs” to friends, neighbors and yes, complete strangers. We were “happy” to see one another, to check on our neighbors and lay our eyes on a friend’s smiling face. “Harvey” brought another “H” word to the forefront of our everyday lives: “humanity.”

Our issue this month is filled with stories and photos of neighbors helping neighbors – “humanity,” “heroes,” “hugs,” “happiness” and “hope” as we move forward. That’s what we do in Fort Bend; it’s who we are.  It’s one of the things I love the most about this community that we call home.

Willie sang, “My heroes have always been cowboys.” I love Willie, but I’m going to have to disagree. My “heroes” are the people of Fort Bend – the everyday “heroes” who serve and band together when we need each other the most. From our elected officials and municipal employees to our first responders who worked tirelessly putting our safety and well-being first to the thousands of businesses and residents who banded together to volunteer to do whatever needed to be done. You are my “heroes.” And together, we are Fort Bend Strong.  God bless Fort Bend.

Stay focused,


P. S.  And by the way, if I see you out and about and give you a random “hug,” just go with it.