New Facility Reflects Persona of Sugar Land Plastic Surgery

Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s new state-of-the-art facility located at 16614 Creek Bend Drive.

Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s new state-of-the-art facility located at 16614 Creek Bend Drive.

By Linda K. Eaves –

Nestled lakeside along Brooks Lake in Sugar Land is a sleek, contemporary building clad entirely in Egyptian limestone that immediately catches the eye. It is upscale, exquisitely beautiful and flawless in design. This attention to fine detail and elegance comes naturally to the building’s designer and owner, Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s Dr. John T. Nguyen.

Dr. Nguyen personally attended to every detail of his new state-of-the-art medical office and attached surgical center located on Creek Bend Drive that features six treatment rooms, a procedure room and a comprehensive surgical suite. But attention to detail is nothing new for this highly acclaimed plastic surgeon. “The design for our new office focused on ensuring patient safety and comfort,” said Dr. Nguyen. “My design team and I wanted to create an elegant and modern facility that met the highest standards in the industry.”

In a short five years of impressive growth, Dr. Nguyen has established a reputation for compassionate care, patient safety and a constant strive for perfection. “Our new building reflects our practice’s persona – clean lines, modern design, upscale amenities and impeccable attention to detail. One look at our new office and one can see that it is not the typical Sugar Land red brick box. The building is a work of art clad entirely in Egyptian limestone, Italian flooring, and custom wall coverings all coordinated to create an elegant and modern facility.”

The caring team of Sugar Land Plastic Surgery: Ofelia Cornejo, Heather Novosad, Amber Vega, Lea Marchesano, Therese Landa, Dr. John Nguyen and Tina Ngo. Photo by Anthony Rathbun

The caring team of Sugar Land Plastic Surgery: Ofelia Cornejo, Heather Novosad, Amber Vega, Lea Marchesano, Therese Landa, Dr. John Nguyen and Tina Ngo. Photo by Anthony Rathbun

Beyond the beautiful façade, Dr. Nguyen’s new office functions as a state-of-the-art medical facility built to the highest safety standards set by the State of Texas Department of Health.  When it comes to patient safety, no expense was spared, no compromises were acceptable.  “I made every effort to insure that with our new building, we met or surpassed every industry standard.  We will be capable of performing a multitude of procedures safely and efficiently in our surgical suite.  Additionally, the new facility is equipped to offer the latest in skin care and laser treatments,” said Dr. Nguyen.

Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s new home is only a few blocks away from Interstate 59 and Highway 6.  While the building itself is breathtaking, the beautiful, serene lakeside setting is equally as impressive.  Guests can stroll along the walking path surrounding the lake or relax on the facility’s lakeside patio. The building also features a spacious general lobby area, as well as private waiting areas for family members and patients. WIFI is available along with a private and accessible parking area.

Philosophy of Excellence

Dr. Nguyen completed two residency programs, one in general surgery and the second in plastic surgery.  With this extensive training, he brings valuable experience to his operating room and is well-known for providing exemplary care for his patients.  Dr. Nguyen believes that surgical and non-surgical enhancements should not alter the qualities that make each patient unique but rather highlight the beauty that exists in each individual.

The “patient-centered” approach at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery is also personified in the knowledgeable and caring staff members.  They are passionate about their work and are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each patient.

While patient care and safety is a priority for Dr. Nguyen, patient education is equally as important. “I feel a responsibility to help educate not only my patients, but anyone considering plastic surgery,” shared Dr. Nguyen who has volunteered to provide patient education for the community via media and speaking engagements. “Whether patients choose me or other very well respected plastic surgeons in our community, what matters most is that patients gain useful knowledge to help them make sound decisions or to simply learn about plastic surgery.”

The Consultation

The first step to a surgical procedure with Dr. Nguyen includes a personal consultation.  “It is important that we discuss a patient’s desired changes and expectations, review their medical history and current health, and make an assessment on whether the procedure(s) in question are right for that individual,” said Dr. Nguyen. “I encourage patients to ask specific questions about the procedure so that they are fully prepared, mentally and emotionally for surgery, and we discuss the results that can be achieved with the aid of photos and/or computer imaging.”  Dr. Nguyen emphasizes that cosmetic surgery is truly elective in most cases, and therefore, patients should never feel pressured or rushed into surgery. “Less can often be better when it comes to cosmetic surgery,” said Dr. Nguyen.

Visit Dr. Nguyen and his staff at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s new office located at 16614 Creek Bend Drive. For more information, visit online at or call 281-980-8000.


John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICS

Patient Testimonials

In the world of plastic surgery, it’s all about results. So what do Dr. Nguyen’s patients have to say about him and Sugar Land Plastic Surgery?

“Wow! I had a face/neck lift and no one noticed. But wait. None of my friends have told me lately that I look tired. My family has stopped asking me, ‘What is wrong?’ and ‘Why do you look so sad?’

“I came to Dr. Nguyen, and he listened. I am 60 years-old and did not want to wake up from surgery and look 40. I wanted to look refreshed like I just came back from a relaxing vacation. I think I got everything I asked for.

“Thank you, Dr. Nguyen and your staff. You patiently met with me and answered all of my questions. I never felt pressured and never was made to feel that my feelings were frivolous.” –  D.R.

“I was always scared to move forward in any way shape or form in the direction of changing my natural looks. Dr. Nguyen not only made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole procedure, but my results came out to look more natural than my natural self . . . if that makes any sense! He is a perfectionist and an artist. He also will not alter your look if it isn’t in your best interest, or you don’t need it. Some doctors will try to get you to upgrade, go bigger and try to make more money off you, whereas Dr. Nguyen is more about the art of it and making people feel better about themselves than when they walked into the door. He also stays in touch with his patients to make sure they are still happy, and this is also reassuring!” – Laura