Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s New Hybrid Operating Room First in the Nation with the Most Advanced Technology

New Hybrid Operating Room Technology.

New Hybrid Operating Room Technology.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has completed construction on a new hybrid operating room that is the first of its kind in the nation. The hybrid OR incorporates advanced technologies with traditional surgery capabilities to offer patients a new range of diagnostic and treatment procedures that can streamline care and reduce recovery time and complications.

Methodist’s new hybrid OR is the first in the United States that combines the most advanced operating table created by Maquet, a German company specializing in OR equipment,  integrated with the latest C-arm robotic system for angiography from Siemens Healthcare, one of the world’s largest suppliers of imaging equipment.  This combination of technologies allows patients to be diagnosed and treated more rapidly and with better outcomes for a range of conditions, including vascular, cardiac, orthopedic and neurological.  In addition, specialists from multiple disciplines can now work together more collaboratively.

Maquet’s operating table, called the Magnus, can be used for both advanced imaging and open surgical procedures. It is designed for flexible patient positioning. The C-arm system developed by Siemens provides physicians with increased clarity and positioning for images, enabling more rapid and advanced interventions, such as treating abdominal aortic aneurysms.

According to Chris Siebenaler, Chief Executive Officer at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, “This new hybrid OR is a great example of how we are bringing leading medical innovations to our region. The safety and speed of this technology enables our skilled surgeons to provide more advanced care for patients, especially those requiring more complicated treatments.”

Imran Mohiuddin, M.D., vascular surgeon on staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, believes the new concept will bring many benefits for patients, “In the past, a patient undergoing an interventional diagnostic procedure would have to be moved to a traditional operating room if the need for an open surgery developed. The hybrid OR is designed to perform both types of procedures. This rapid access to whatever the patient needs can lower treatment time and complications. It is an innovative leap forward and I know my patients will benefit.”

The number of hospitals throughout the country developing hybrid operating rooms is expected to increase rapidly based on the development of new procedures and increased patient need for vascular, cardiac, neurological and orthopedic treatment.

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