Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas Provides Injury Prevention Outreach to Local Athletes

Rehabilitation Specialists Chris Stolle, Benjamin Renfrow, Lindsay Koller, Marie Potter, Brian R. Duncan, Lilian Watson and Geri Gandingco.

When local athletes are injured, they rely on the physicians and therapists at Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas (MOST) to get them back into the competition quickly.To help prevent injuries in the first place, rehabilitation specialists from MOST are now providing in-service training and seminars to local runners, swimmers and triathletes in groups such as the Sienna Running Club, the Finish Line Sports speed workout group, Rice Aquatics and the Fort Bend Masters swim team.

“The athletes who have been through our sessions have all been very appreciative,” says Geri Gandingco, Outpatient Manager with MOST’s Department of Rehabilitation Services.  “Even athletes who have been running or swimming for many years may not understand how to properly prepare for a workout or competition to ensure that their bodies are ready.  So we focus on proper warm-ups and cool-downs for the individual sports. We teach participants how to listen to and recognize the messages that their bodies are sending about overuse or incorrect form – the types of situations that can cause serious injuries.  It’s an informative session that can prevent a lot of pain and trouble down the road.”

For athletes who wind up needing help for injury or chronic pain, the sports medicine and orthopedic specialists at MOST – many of whom have experience working with high-level college and professional athletes – provide the latest and most effective medical and surgical treatments.  And if therapy is required, MOST offers physical, occupational, aquatic and hand therapy from some of the area’s most experienced and knowledgeable professionals, including many therapists who are certified in their respective specialties.

“Our staff includes board-certified specialists in sports therapy, orthopedic therapy and hand therapy as well as specialists who are fellowship trained in manipulative and manual therapy and certified in strength and conditioning,” says Gandingco.  “We can help any local athlete recover more quickly from injury – and help prevent future injuries – through our use of leading edge therapeutic techniques.”

Gandingco says MOST would like to expand its injury prevention clinics to reach more local athletes, including those involved in biking, tennis, golf and even youth sports organizations.  To schedule a session or for more information, contact Gandingco at 281-340-6476 or email

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