Meet Seth Hine

Seth Hine

Seth Hine

By Joan Frances Photos by Carrie Richardson –

Seth Hine is a graduated senior from Fort Bend Christian Academy. He has spent the last four years concentrating on sports as well as academics. With the support of his family and friends, Seth has accomplished the goals he set and is moving forward to advance his educational career.

Born and raised in Sugar Land, Seth was a student at Fort Bend Christian Academy since 6th grade. His dad, Jeff, mom, Donna, older brother, Shea, and sister, Stacey, were supportive when he decided to become involved in football, basketball and baseball. He played football all four years, basketball after his sophomore year and baseball as a third baseman all four years. His favorite of the three sports is football. Seth won the Eagle Award in recognition of his work ethic, leadership and character on and off the football field. One value he lives by is “Hard work pays off.” His coach enforced this value by encouraging the players to push forward in all endeavors.


Seth Hine

Seth and his family attend Christ United Methodist Church. Each summer, Seth donates his time to the United Methodist Army. This is a group of workers from the church who travel to different areas in Texas for a week building wheelchair ramps for the disabled. Seth participated in the organization and construction of these ramps in cities such as Bullard, Angleton, Silsbee and Bridge City. He also helped with improvements such as painting and updating the homes. This was a very fulfilling experience for him. When asked what he enjoyed the most, Seth said, “Seeing the reactions of the people we helped and how grateful they were made all the work worthwhile.” This group worked tirelessly to complete the improvements for the less fortunate and gave Seth a great sense of accomplishment.

During the past four years of high school, Seth has gained numerous friends through the sports he plays. They spend weekends playing pool basketball and ping pong at his home. He is a big NFL football fan watching the Philadelphia Eagles during the season. In the spring, he is all about baseball and supports the Phillies as well. Other than sports, Seth enjoys art and Spanish. He intends to continue his education in this language to be a fluent Spanish speaker. This summer, his family will travel to Panama City Beach, Florida, for his sister’s softball tournament. It will be a change from his busy sports schedule to be watching rather than playing a game.

With so much focus on extracurricular activities, it is admirable that Seth did so well in school. Fort Bend Christian Academy is home to over 900 students. In the class of 99 seniors, Seth is ranked 31st. This fall, he will be going to college at Texas A&M University where he will major in human development and education in sports management and business. His experience in sports has helped guide him to his career path. Seth’s family supported him, went to all of his games, tolerated the long weekends and praised him for all he accomplished. When asked how sports affected his decision on his major, Seth replied, “The love of sports gave me the incentive to continue my concentration into the field.”

With experience and determination, Seth will continue to succeed in life. Congratulations Seth on your accomplishments these past four years, and good luck as you take the next step toward a fulfilling future.