Meet Carina Henry

Carina Henry

Carina Henry

By Joan Frances –

Clements High School has a reputation for graduating the highest caliber of students, and Carina Henry is one of them. The quality of teachers and curriculum at this school prepares a student for college life and beyond. Carina took full advantage of the many opportunities presented to her, and as a result, she is prepared for the next chapter in the book of her life.

Carina grew up in Fort Bend Independent School District for 12 years. Her dad, Neil, mom, Melinda, sister, Marisa, and brother, Sean, supported Carina in all of her endeavors. Since middle school, Carina was a member of the band with talent to play any instrument in the percussion family, including the timpani, xylophone, cymbals, triangle, snare drum, bass drum, tambourine, maracas, gongs, chimes, celesta and castanets.

As a member of the marching band all four years of high school and section leader as a junior and senior, Carina attributes growth in leadership to the commitment it takes to be a part of the marching band. “Everyone in the band has potential to be leaders because of the long hours and constant strive for perfection. Fellow band members care for, support and encourage each other,” said Carina. Marching band entails grueling discipline in the summer heat, and the students acquire a close connection and build strong friendships that last throughout high school.

Clements High School is home to many great teachers. Carina’s most influential teacher was Christine Badillo,  who taught Pre-AP World Geography to Carina as a freshman and Human Geography Culture to her as a junior. The one event that Carina enjoyed most was her involvement with Model United Nations. With Christine Badillo’s encouragement, Carina participated in Model United Nations competitions in Houston as a junior and Boston as a senior. The competitions challenged Carina to solve problems dealing with foreign issues, and she enjoyed meeting other scholars from schools all over the area.

Carina is also involved with the Girls Scouts and is working on achieving a Gold Award, similar to an Eagle Scout Award given to the Boy Scouts. This leadership-based achievement requires a total of 80 hours of community service. For the past five years, Carina worked with Camp Colony Creek through Christ United Methodist Church to teach young girls how to earn badges by learning about the history and raising of the flag, science and rocket building, as well as painting and crafts. Since January, Carina has worked part-time for Ninfas Mexican Food Restaurant as a hostess. This summer, Carina is employed as a caregiver.

Strong values are an important asset for leaders. Carina shared, “It is important to be honest. Treat others as you want to be treated.” Carina believes honesty is essential in every facet of life, from friendships to teachers and especially family because, in Carina’s words, “Honesty fosters communication.”

In a class of over 600 seniors, Carina placed in the top 15 percent and graduated cum laude. Carina was also a member of six honor societies: National Honor Society, Music, Art, Science, History and English.

Carina was awarded a scholarship from Chevron Canada BU, and this fall, Carina will attend the University of Texas in Austin where she will major in business with a finance energy tract. She will focus on energy management taking courses in geology, petroleum and gas law.

With quality education, credible teachers and strong family support, Carina is poised to be a huge success in the path she has chosen. Congratulations, Carina, and good luck as the next chapter begins.