LOGGINS JEWELERS Brings a New Level of Luxury to Fort Bend

300-jewelry1Within the marble walls and beneath the crystal fixtures, there’s something a little more humble to be said about Loggins Jewelers – the story of how they came to be. The pieces, the people and the passion all began with one simple need.

The Story

Susan Pappas Sanders and her sister Jennifer Pappas of Loggins Jewelers know that shopping at a large chain retailer can be intimidating and that customers don’t want to feel like they’re being sold too hard with no concern given to the depth of their pockets.

That’s precisely why the store opened its doors in Fort Bend over 30 years ago – so each customer may be greeted with warmth and friendly, genuine faces.

Formerly known as J. Loggins Jewelers, the recently renamed store’s simple wish remains the same as always: that each customer should leave with a piece they love, not a pricey piece the jeweler wants you to love. Loggins Jewelers strives to satisfy, not merely to sell.

The Customers

By the principles of their founding, Loggins Jewelers has made customer service their number one priority. In an effort to transform the jewelry retail experience, Loggins Jewelers guarantees more than quality pieces, but also quality care.

“We don’t want you to feel intimidated in our store. We want you to feel free to ask questions and learn more,” said Sanders.

The Loggins Jewelers experience rarely ends with a single visit. Most clients are return customers who wish to continue building their collections with a name they can trust. As Sanders puts it, “Building up a fine jewelry collection is kind of like building trust. It takes time and patience, but in the end, you have something you love and can be proud of.”

The Possibilities

300-jewelrySanders stands by the motto, “We can find anything, design anything and fix anything.”

Loggins Jewelers, a full-service jewelry store, provides unique collection pieces, custom-designed creations, consignment services and of course, repairs. Because simplicity and ease are the building blocks of their foundation, Sanders stresses the importance of this holistic approach. “Loggins Jewelers is the place that can help each customer find their personal collection, and then we can help protect those findings to ensure they last.”

In addition to jewelry, Loggins Jewelers also offers limited selections of antiques and original paintings from top American Plein Air artists such as Joe Paquet, Charles Meunch, John Cosby and David Gallup.

The Designers

As the jewelry trends shift drastically each year, Loggins Jewelers has sought to establish itself as the premier retailer in the Fort Bend community through a perfect balance of fine and fashionable. They’ve done this by hand selecting the best designers whose wares live up to the high standards their customers expect.

John Hardy

Within the Fort Bend area, Loggins Jewelers is the only retailer that sells the exclusive and luxurious John Hardy collection. This unique line originally surfaced from the designer’s inspiring trip to Bali in the mid-70s. Hardy utilizes the traditional Balinese jewelry-making methods with a fresh twist to create modern sterling silver designs.

Today, the John Hardy name has spread rapidly through the circles of fashion gurus across the globe. Environmentally and socially conscious, the brand prides itself on a reputation of “beautiful sustainability.”

Loggins Jewelers carries an extensive range of past and present lines so one may build their John Hardy collection through a lifetime of pieces.

Jude Frances

300-showThe effortless blend of elegance and contemporary trends characterize the Jude Frances collection. Because her lines are inspired by locales from Morocco to Soho, Frances finds a fashion niche within any generation.

Current collections consistently feature brushed metals, scalloping and crystal-crusted designs. Although Jude Frances has more artistic variety than most jewelry lines, the artisan pieces are still crafted with only the finest quality diamonds and semi-precious stones.

Loggins Jewelers guarantees customers will find the collection that’s right for them among the diverse Jude Frances designs. Additionally, Sanders is excited to announce that Loggins Jewelers proudly carries new lines such as Meira T, Effy and Afarin.

Custom Creations

Amidst a cluttered market of chain jewelry stores, an independent retailer such as Loggins Jewelers has the ability to be more flexible than most. With complete control of the store’s operations and no corporate interests to answer to, they are able to offer a uniquely tailored customer experience.

“Our goal is to have a selection as unique as our customers,” said Sanders. And the selection doesn’t stop within the store. The store’s master craftsmen can sketch and design intricate custom pieces to fulfill the client’s exact desires. The only limit is one’s imagination.

The Holiday Season

Throughout the holiday season, Loggins Jewelers is in its true element. An unwavering reputation of consistent customer service and competitive prices is the perfect tonic for the typical holiday shopping headaches. Patience and professionalism, along with a relaxed atmosphere and ample parking, makes the store an easy and laid-back holiday destination. But in all of the rush of the retail-centric season, Loggins Jewelers makes sure to never lose sight of what’s important.

“To us, the fine jewelry business is never about getting you to buy the biggest diamond or the richest gold. In fact, it is never even about what the jewelry means to us, but rather, what it means to you,” said Sanders. “Over the years, every piece we’ve sold represents something special to our clients and to us. We simply love being a part of their journey, because after all, a lot can be said with just a ring.”

To Loggins Jewelers, the most beautiful thing about jewelry cannot be seen on the surface. The most beautiful thing lies in the story of how it came to be.