Let Your Creativity Bloom with Home Décor Crafts

Whether sewing to relax or making gifts for those you love, there’s no better reason to break out the needle and thread than to create charming updates for the home. Nothing makes an interior adornment more unique than one created by hand.

Sew Simple Décor

Explore your sewing expertise with simple and delightful additions that add playful charm to any room. Pretty petals in vibrant shades of blue, pink and yellow adorn a denim backdrop with this adorable In Full Bloom Pillow project from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Throw it on a chair in the entryway for a bright welcome, or use it to give tired living room furniture a colorful, casual lift. It also makes the perfect gift for that special little girl in your life.



Supplies and Tools

• Scissors
• Denim
• Iron & ironing surface
• Pen
• Sewing machine
• Basic sewing supplies
• White or blue thread
• Fleece: turquoise blue, yellow, pink
• Paintbrushes
• Tulip Soft fabric paints: petal pink,  turquoise blue, sunshine yellow
• Aleene’s Fabric Fusion fabric adhesive
• 16-inch by 16-inch pillow insert

In Full Bloom Pillow
Crafting Time: 3 to 5 hours
Skill Level: Some experience necessary

1. For 16-inch by 16-inch pillow, cut one 17-inch by 17-inch square of denim fabric for front. For back of pillow, cut one 10-inch by 17-inch and one 13-inch by 17-inch rectangle to create pillow envelope. NOTE: Cut off frayed/selvage edge of fabric and save for center of fabric flower in step 9.

2.  To give pillow envelope nice edge, fold both 10-inch by 17-inch and 13-inch by 17-inch pieces 1 inch at top against back of fabric and iron in place. Stitch in place.

3.  Place 17-inch by 17-inch denim right side up and 10-inch by 17-inch on 13-inch by 17-inch pieces overlapping each other face down on 17-inch square piece. Pin in place and sew 1/2-inch seam around entire square. Clip all four corners and turn pillow right side out through envelope opening.

4.  Visit http://www.joann.com/in-full- bloom-pillow/prod2050152/ for petal template. Cut out template and trace shape onto blue, yellow and pink fleece; trace 40 petals total.

5.  Using paintbrush, paint top of each petal in coordinating paint colors before cutting them out.

6.  Once paint has dried, cut out all 40  pieces.

7.  To help give petal volume, fold each petal in half and sew 1/2-inch dart at bottom of each one.

8.  Carefully open dart, apply Fabric Fusion across bottom straight edge and press petal to pillow cover. Apply petals to pillow cover one-by-one in circular motion. Start from inside and work out. Once first inner circle of petals is completed, lightly lift petals from top and place more petals behind for next layer. Continue with each layer until flower is desired size.

9.  Create flower center using frayed edge from saved piece of denim fabric. Apply generous amount of Fabric Fusion to middle of flower; place denim strip down in upright position with frayed edge on top. Hold strip in place for a few seconds twirling in circular motion to create flower center.

For more sewing inspiration and ideas, visit www.joann.com.  Family Features