Kn.I.L.E. Center: A“Boutique Style” Solution to Education

Kn.I.L.E. Center offers two cornerstone programs. Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy (KPA) is a 3rd through 12th grade private school that works with both sides of the bell curve, struggling students or those who want to get ahead. Education is not a “one size fits all” concept, so the school follows the child’s unique way of learning instead of the child following the school’s way of teaching. Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy customizes students’ curriculums so they can work at their own pace and discover what their true learning potential really is.

Kn.I.L.E. Center’s other cornerstone program is Kn.I.L.E. ECN, an after school coaching program. It’s been the experience that in most cases, repeating the material, like in traditional tutoring, is not the right solution for every child. In most cases, the reason for “the slide” is weak cognitive skills that do not allow a child to process or retain information properly. In these cases, very specific sets of exercises to strengthen these weak skills, combined with academic assistance, are the roadmap to a child’s educational success.

Sometimes looking at alternative ways of learning can be scary as to what kind of results it might bring. However, Kn.I.L.E. Center has seen tremendous success with their customized and new approach to education and thus has been awarded Best Tutoring for two years in a row (2013 and 2014) and Best Private School (2014).

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