Kennedy Sauls: In It To Win It

Kennedy Sauls

Kennedy Sauls

By Lauren Dante Benoit –

Kennedy Sauls is a freshman, standout student at Stafford High School. Her confidence, courage and positivity will help her succeed throughout her high school career. Having only spent a semester in high school, Kennedy has already made her mark at Stafford in the classroom, as a member of the debate team and on the court.

In the classroom, Kennedy challenges herself by taking advanced classes and excelling in them.  For an elective this year, Kennedy chose to take debate. “I have always loved to talk and argue my point, and in the future, I plan on becoming a lawyer,” said Kennedy. “So, debate seemed like the natural choice that would allow me the opportunity to express my point of view and prepare me for becoming a lawyer.” Early on, Kennedy learned that she has to be loud when debating.  Especially as a freshman, Kennedy does not want to seem nervous or unsure.

To boost her confidence while on stage, Kennedy works hard to know everything about a topic. Not only does she have to know the facts pertaining to a topic, she must also be able to discuss the pros and the cons of a topic. In her debate class, Kennedy first learned about Extemporaneous Speaking and the importance of being knowledgeable about a topic as well as how to argue both sides of the topic.

Kennedy’s knowledge of Extemporaneous Speaking allowed her to excel in the Congress contest. At her first competition for Congress, Kennedy placed third and advanced to the State Competition. Kennedy is the only student from Stafford High School that advanced. “My teacher gave me the tools that I needed to succeed at the competition,” said Kennedy. “I was prepared, and knew the facts, so all I needed was confidence and courage.”

In the Congress event, students discuss resolutions that Congress has not yet passed.  Students have three to five minutes to convince the other students why they should or should not pass the resolution. After their speech, the students are allowed to ask questions in an effort to make their own individual point.

For the State Competition, Kennedy prepared for harder resolutions. There are 32 resolutions that she thoroughly researched. Kennedy will be judged on how well she can react to various arguments.  Therefore, she has to be prepared for all of the arguments.  Her favorite resolution is the one regarding improving curriculum in schools.

In addition, to preparing for Congress, Kennedy will also be competing in Lincoln-Douglas debate and Prose. Lincoln-Douglas debate and Prose involve two of Kennedy’s favorite things: arguing and acting. In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Kennedy will argue with an opponent by preparing a two-minute speech over a topic. In Prose, Kennedy will memorize a poem and act it out for an audience and judges. “Debate can seem difficult,” said Kennedy. “However, if you love what you do, then it’s not hard; it’s a challenge.”

Kennedy’s confidence on-stage makes her a natural in theater. Since she was a little girl, she has enjoyed acting. Improvisation is her favorite part of acting because she likes making people laugh. Kennedy is currently in the cast for the school play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

While she is not on stage, Kennedy is on the court for volleyball and basketball. She was on the freshman volleyball team this year and also played club volleyball for the Fort Bend Fire.  “I like volleyball because it is very competitive,” said Kennedy. “It is quick and exciting because you don’t know what will happen next and where the ball will go.”

On the basketball team this year, Kennedy really improved her skills.  She learned that it is so important for everyone to know their position and be alert during the game.

Although Kennedy has only been in high school a short period of time, she already stands out among her peers as a smart, poised, courageous and athletic young lady.  She plans on obtaining a college scholarship in volleyball and becoming a lawyer. Good luck Kennedy on all of your future endeavors!