Kaitlin and Keira Tademy: A Dynamic Duo

Kaitlin & Keira

Kaitlin & Keira

Kaitlin and Keira Tademy are seniors at Bush High School. As twin sisters, they already look alike; however, their personal interests closely align as well. The Tademy twins make similar grades, are enrolled in the International Business and Marketing Academy and serve as officers on the Dance Team. These young ladies are two peas in a pod and quite a dynamic duo.

As students in the top 15% of their graduating class, Kaitlin and Keira have challenging schedules. “My favorite class has been calculus because I love math,” said Keira. “Math is needed in many aspects of life, and it is interesting to learn how calculus fits into everyday life.” Both girls are in Calculus AP and have filled their schedules with a variety of classes throughout their high school career, including business classes, to help them succeed in the future.

The Tademy twins applied to the International Business and Marketing Academy in eighth grade to learn more about the business world. “I wasn’t sure which path to choose,” said Kaitlin. “However, I like giving my opinions and suggestions, and the marketing emphasis has given me the opportunity to voice my opinion in a constructive manner.”

“In our Sports and Entertainment Marketing class, we heard this story about Johnny the Bagger, a grocery store employee,” said Keira. “He wrote inspirational quotes on customer’s bags to prove that no matter where you are, you can make a difference in someone’s life.” This particular class has taught the twins about the basics of marketing and the impact that marketing can have on individuals.

The twin’s interest in business led them to join Distributed Educational Clubs of America (DECA), an extracurricular activity. In this organization, the ladies increased their knowledge of the marketing industry. Through weekly cookie sales, the ladies were able to understand expenses, supply and demand and shrinkage.

In addition to business, the ladies found their passion for dance in high school. Kaitlin and Keira started dancing in ninth grade and currently serve as the Captain and Co-Captain of the Illusions Dance Team at Bush. “As Captain of the dance team, I have learned to believe in myself and be confident in my abilities,” said Kaitlin. “People think that being Captain is easy, but it is a lot of pressure because you are expected to be the best.”

“At times, being an officer is stressful,” said Keira. “However, it has been extremely beneficial because it has taught us discipline, patience and perspective.”

During their junior year, their first year as officers for the team, the ladies began working with a new director. As officers, they won many awards for their lyrical, modern and jazz officer routines last year. One of the ladies’ favorite memories from contest season is when they won a national award for their hip-hop ensemble. “Our hip-hop ensemble was a high energy piece,” said Keira. “It had a girly part, a hard-hitting part and even choreographed hand-stands that really excited the crowd.”

Kaitlin and Keira hope to excite the crowd with their solos this year. Keira enjoys modern and contemporary styles that allow her to express her emotions with serious and intense movements. Kaitlin, on the other hand, prefers more upbeat and stylized movements. Her solo will probably be a novelty or jazz dance. The ladies will be choreographing their own solos and competing with them during the upcoming contest season.

After high school, the twins are interested in attending the University of Texas or Sam Houston State University. Kaitlin would like to major in biology and minor in dance. Her ultimate goal is to become a pediatrician. Keira would like to become an occupational therapist. Through both of these professions, the ladies will be able to fulfill their dream of helping others feel happy and healthy.

From their business academy expertise to their dance team leadership, Kaitlin and Keira are mature, creative and compassionate young ladies. We wish them a successful senior year!