July 2015 – Exclamation Points!

Freedom! Kassidi Kaminski with Patti, Kolton and Tim Kaminski at her high school graduation.

Freedom! Kassidi Kaminski with Patti, Kolton and Tim Kaminski at her high school graduation.

Freedom Isn’t Free –

Two hundred and thirty nine years ago on July 4, 1776, the colonies were fighting Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, and delegates from the 13 colonies unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence composed by Thomas Jefferson. As we celebrate the birth of our nation this month, I am reminded not only of the sacrifices of our founding fathers but of the sacrifices that continue today for the men and women who selflessly serve our country and protect our freedom. Freedom truly isn’t free – the cost is the ultimate in sacrifice – and this July as we take our families to July 4th celebrations and enjoy America’s birthday, let us not only remember those who have sacrificed for us but also teach our children that freedom is a responsibility.  And being a responsible citizen is just one of the things that makes our nation – and our community –  great.

Speaking of our great community, the Cities of Missouri City, Sugar Land and Stafford are taking their responsibilities seriously to “let freedom ring” this holiday by hosting amazing July 4th events, perfect for a family-friendly holiday weekend.  Read about these events on page 14, and get some great menu ideas for the holiday weekend from Mayors Owen, Thompson and Scarcella. Thanks to the mayors for donning the red, white and blue for our July cover and for their commitment to hosting great community events right here in Fort Bend.

Thomas Jefferson said, “To preserve the freedom of the human mind then and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom; for as long as we may think as we will, and speak as we think, the condition of man will proceed in improvement.”
Happy Birthday America!  Let freedom ring!

Stay focused,