January 2016 – Exclamation Points!

Patti and Tim Kaminski at Jingle Tree benefiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land.

Patti and Tim Kaminski at Jingle Tree benefiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land.

Chapter One

Happy New Year! I hope that your holidays were merry and bright and that your plans for the New Year are even brighter!

We are all about making 2016 the best year ever at absolutely! focus media, and in this issue, we are bringing you so much information to help you in the coming year. From healthy recipes to complete rejuvenation, our New Year, New You section will help you get a jump start on being the best that you can be for 2016. And, if you need some help planning activities for your kids, we’ve got you covered. From the best private schools to amazing after school activities, absolutely! Kid Friendly has some wonderful resources.

I am always fascinated by the amount of talent we have in Fort Bend. Our cover story features a dedicated pediatric dentist – Dr. Larry Caldwell – who not only is an amazing professional, he’s an innovator. Dr. Caldwell invented an amazing device called The Harp that helps patients with braces with a difficult task:  flossing. Dr. Caldwell has sold thousands of these products and has helped just as many children over the years. He’s right around the corner helping make our community a better place year after year.

The Fort Bend Family YMCA is another organization in our community making a difference year after year. This year, we were able to provide over $18,000 to this important organization through our 2015 GEMS event that helps build strong families and strong communities. We can’t wait to see what the new year holds for this vital organization that helps so many.

I absolutely love the beginning of a new year. There’s something about a new, fresh calendar with days yet to be filled and memories to be made that makes me so optimistic and excited about the coming days. I just love the anticipation of projects to tackle, milestones to celebrate and goals to achieve. Perhaps author Edith Lovejoy Pierce summed up my feelings about the New Year best. “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

We are blessed with so many opportunities in our community. We hope that your 2016 book is filled with opportunities, memories and most of all blessings.  And, we hope you will share the pages of your book with us so we can share them with all of our Fort Bend friends in our book. We are, after all, your community magazine. Our pages are blank, and we count on you to help us fill them. Cheers to the New Year!

Stay focused,