January-2013 – Publisher’s Preview –

Hello Fort Bend Friends,

Lisa and Michael Fredrickson at a Texans game.

Lisa and Michael Fredrickson at a Texans game.

Happy New Year! Michael and I wish you many blessings for 2013. We at Fort Bend Focus are so excited about the upcoming 100th issue this year that we have already started planning for the BIG event. Look out for our February issue as it will have what is so great about our community – 100 of the most fascinating people, places and happenings to be exact.

With the new year comes new resolution’s as well as new beginnings and hope for change. Timeless Plastic Surgery is here to help everyone with becoming a little better and giving us all hope for a timeless change. We have many rejuvenation and wellness articles that cover everything from weight loss to exercise to nutrition. We all could use a little wellness help, and these specialists are there for you.

Our always popular wedding section is in this issue. Talk about hope and change! We have 12 new couples beginning their lives together, and we wish them the very best. How fun to look over the details of their special day, and you can view these online as well.

On page 60 is our special advertising section that highlights the many after-school activities and schools to help you find the best programs for your children. From private schools to child care centers to just plain fun activities, there’s something for all ages.

This January, all eyes will be on the Texans in the playoffs, and we say “Go Texans!” Have a very blessed year, and we look forward to seeing you around the Bend!

Stay Focused,

Lisa Fredrickson