International Preparatory School Pre-K 3 thru 8th Grade: Excellence, Diversity, Communication and Enrichment

Parents have several choices when it comes to their children. Those who visit the International Preparatory School are looking for a fresh philosophy and a renewed energy in teaching. Smaller class sizes rank as the number one concern. Why? This provides individual attention for students who require more support in some areas while addressing the needs of the gifted child. This all translates into a school where both the teachers and administration set common expectations in an open, interactive, understanding and energizing manner.

Parents want a safe environment that maintains a high standard of discipline and respect. Emphasis on a well-rounded education makes participation in extracurricular activities an integral part of the everyday curriculum. Studies demonstrate that healthy competition, be it through math or chess clubs, lead to a higher motivation in learning.

Going to school should be an adventure. That adventure begins now at age three with a creative learning environment, which continues through elementary and middle school. The curriculum aspires balanced academics while developing a strong social, physical and moral aptitude.

The International Preparatory School is the choice many parents make for their children as it provides an environment that fosters the gifted and accelerated student as well as the under-confident. If you have great expectations for your child, come by and experience the vibrant atmosphere at the International Preparatory School for yourself.

Join the International Preparatory School staff for their 2014-2015 Open House on August 18th from 6 to 8 pm at 1717 Dulles Avenue in Missouri City. For more information, call 281-208-1403 or visit