How to Select a Paint Color for Your Home



By Kelly Nolan –

Have you ever stood in your home with 20 plus paint swatches and felt so overwhelmed you didn’t know where to start? Selecting a paint color can be mind-boggling, especially since there are so many to pick from!

Select Your Room Contents First

So, how do you go about picking out the perfect color? At Simply Divine Interiors, we like to have a plan of what the room furnishings are going to be before we select a color. We often choose the paint color last according to the previously made fabric and flooring selections. It is harder to find fabric and tile to match the random paint color you selected then it is to pick out from the thousand paint colors to match your fabrics. For example, if you are picking paint for your bathroom, you need to consider the tile floor and countertops. If they are in the gray tones, pick a cool tone like a blue or a neutral gray.

Go Bold – or Not

It is also okay if you do not prefer a colorful paint. Pick a neutral beige or gray, even a clean, crisp white and have it run throughout the house. This can have a calming effect in your home. It also works for clients who like to change out their artwork, pillows and accessories often. With this option, you are not tied to one color palette.

Test Before You Buy

Of course, we recommend that you test the paint out! When you select the paint at the store, the lighting is different than you have at your home. Many companies will have sample size paint jars so you can test it on the wall yourself first.

Hire a Pro

If you do not feel comfortable selecting a color yourself, hire a pro. Many designers and decorators have color consultations and will come to your home to select the paint. They also can order you bigger sized paint sheets so you can tape them up on your wall if you don’t want to sample paint. This can save you a lot of time and headache!

Painting can change a home dramatically, so remember to plan ahead and have fun!