How Does Your Garden Grow?

The flowers are blooming and the grass is beginning to turn green. It is nearing springtime in our area, and perhaps your yard can’t wait any longer for an update or maybe a complete overhaul. A well-designed landscape can add privacy, beauty and value to your home. How can you make sure you choose the best contractor for the job?

Determine your landscape style

What do you want in your new landscape? Referring to pictures in magazines, books and on the internet is a great way for homeowners to communicate design ideas to their contractor. Your style could be formal, informal, natural or low-maintenance. Also keep in mind your lifestyle. Do you have pets, children or do you travel a great deal?  Answers to these questions help the landscaper exceed your expectations long after the project is complete.

Landscape designer and horticulturist

Is the person you are working with a landscape designer, or did they just move from lawn mowing into planting some shrubs? Call the landscaper’s references, and drive by the landscaped homes. Ask the landscaper to give you addresses of homes that have been recently landscaped and more importantly, homes where landscapes have been growing for more than two years. A landscape that is newly installed will look clean and fresh, but the true test of a professional landscape is what it grows into. Plant selection is a top priority when designing the landscape and what a plant looks like today in a five-gallon container may surprise you in two years.

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