Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital Performs County’s First Hybrid Coronary Intervention

Yassir Sonbol, M.D., John Strong and Uttam Tripathy, M.D.

Yassir Sonbol, M.D., John Strong and Uttam Tripathy, M.D.

A local resident is back to mowing his lawn after undergoing two different heart surgeries on the same day – a practice made possible by minimally invasive coronary intervention.

Two Houston Methodist Sugar Land physicians, Yassir Sonbol, M.D., an interventional cardiologist, and Uttam Tripathy, M.D., a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, were the first in Fort Bend County to perform a same day hybrid coronary intervention, which is a combination of percutaneous intervention and minimally invasive heart surgery. This allows the patient to have two different heart surgeries on the same day, thereby minimizing the invasiveness of the procedure.

John Strong called his primary care physician, Tayma Shaya, M.D. after experiencing chest pain, a heavy feeling in his chest and trouble walking. He had no previous history of heart problems but did have an elevated blood pressure at times.  After a stress test and angiogram, Strong was diagnosed with a blockage in need of surgical intervention. “After consultation with Tripathy, it was decided that he was a candidate and had the right anatomy for the same day hybrid coronary intervention,” said Sonbol. “This procedure is an approach that is used when the anatomy of the blockages meets the right criteria and there is a double or sometimes triple vessel disease.”

Sonbol performed a catheter based coronary intervention first and placed three stents in the arteries to help restore normal blood flow. Strong was immediately taken to the OR where Tripathy performed minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery from the left side of the chest, repositioning the left internal mammary artery to the front of the pumping chamber of the heart. The left internal mammary artery is usually the life line of a coronary artery bypass procedure.

“Neither of these procedures is new, but by being able to perform both on the same day allows for several conveniences, such as less stress than having two separate procedures done on separate days,” explained Tripathy. “It is minimally invasive, without a major incision, which allows for a much faster recovery time.” Strong was able to be discharged in four days and is back to walking on the treadmill and mowing his lawn.

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