Hometown Heroes: Ray Aguilar

Ray, Alex, Diana and Sara Aguilar.

By Joan Frances –

When tragedy occurs, the human spirit emerges. People from all walks of life, all races and cultures unite, to help one another ease the pain of the moment. Hurricane Harvey was relentless in the path of destruction. Fort Bend County communities will be impacted for many months and have already begun to rebuild physically and emotionally. Our Hometown Hero who has devoted his life to helping his fellow man on many levels is Ray Aguilar.

Aguilar grew up in Houston and has lived in Fort Bend County for the past 34 years. He resides in Richmond with his wife, Diana, and two daughters, Alex and Sara and is a manager for Classic Chevy in Sugar Land. He is involved with the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and enjoys every minute of it, as being a part of the solution is what he thrives on. Aguilar remembered what was told to him when he was 12 years-old by his father. “If you think of yourself, you will be by yourself.”

Ray Aguilar distributing supplies to areas affected by high water.

Aguilar is passionate about service. “If you don’t serve, you can’t lead,” he shared.  “One purpose of my life is to assist other people in times of need.” Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Fort Bend County, Aguilar has joined forces with 21 other volunteer facilities. “I have been helping with distribution of supplies and items to areas affected by high water.”

When it all started on August 25th, Aguilar knew it was time to go to work. He was unable to leave his house by vehicle for two days, so he and his neighbor, John Parry, started walking through the neighborhood to see if anyone needed help. On Monday, Aguilar began working with the Pecan Grove Fire Department collecting food and supplies and immediately started distributing them. He also volunteered with the Fort Bend County OEM and traveled to various distribution centers to pick-up and deliver needed supplies to those impacted by the storm. “I want to make it clear that I am honored to represent our county, and there are many other community advocates and volunteers that deserve recognition, and I share this with them. We will get through this together because we are Fort Bend Strong.”

Jim Kyles, lead pastor at The Church, worked with Ray during the flooding of the Brazos River last summer. “From the minute the hurricane hit, Ray contacted me and began delivering truck after truck of supplies, some two million pounds of goods to go to areas all around Fort Bend County,” shared Kyles. “He is an amazing liaison that embodies selfless sacrifice. He goes out of his way to help others regardless of cost or inconvenience to himself.”

Ray Aguilar and Barbara Vass helping out at the Fort Bend Animal Shelter.

Debbie Kaminski, purchasing agent for Fort Bend County and logistics chief for the Fort Bend County OEM, said, “Ray is a take charge individual who doesn’t wait to be asked to volunteer; he hits the ground running. Fort Bend County is a better place because of him.”

Police Chief David Rider of the Fort Bend County Independent School District said, “Fort Bend County is so lucky to have a leader like Ray. He has a heart for the people, is an asset to the county and a genuinely great person.”

In the coming months, Aguilar will continue to donate his time to improving life for the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey. And his wife, Diana, is right by his side supporting his service. “I am so very proud of Ray for his service to the community, and I love and support his dedication 110%.”

Fort Bend is so fortunate to have Ray Aguilar and many other magnanimous individuals who continue to make Fort Bend a better place to live. Together, we are Fort Bend Strong.