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For Cathy Stubbs, it isn’t enough to just “complete” a home sale. She strives to put the “wow” into the details from an amazing presentation when selling to over the top service when looking for the perfect home.

As her 21 year career progressed, Stubbs realized she didn’t want her clients to receive any less than the high quality service she envisioned.  So, she decided to develop a team. “Just getting by was not doing it for me,” Stubbs said. “And on that premise alone, I knew I needed to create a team.”

The Cathy Stubbs Team: Nick Helms, Mia Cardenas,  Robbie Jones, Tara Flores, Cathy Stubbs, Israel Flores, Dena Day and Jenn LaRocca.

The Cathy Stubbs Team: Nick Helms, Mia Cardenas, Robbie Jones, Tara Flores, Cathy Stubbs, Israel Flores, Dena Day and Jenn LaRocca.

Innovative Team Approach

“I’ll be honest, my first attempt at creating a team wasn’t as successful as I wanted it to be,” she continued, recalling those earlier years in the industry. “But as I matured in business, I learned how to hire and how to recruit the right kind of people. And now, I have a team, not staff members, but team members.”

These talented people make The Cathy Stubbs Team what it is — exceptional. “What we have is a team that runs on all cylinders,” Stubbs said proudly. “Each one has their own niche, and they enjoy their work. They truly love what they do, and because of that, we can meet our clients’ needs.”

Take Dena Day, the transaction coordinator, who Stubbs calls her “detail guru.” Day loves handling the fine print. Stubbs said, “Everything comes across Dena’s desk, and she’s there to make sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed. She is my anchor.”

On the other hand, Jenn LaRocca, the marketing director, stages the homes and handles the presentation, advertising and marketing of the properties. “But more than that, Jenn is always investigating new avenues to reach the public,” Stubbs said of LaRocca, who she affectionately calls the “team’s cheerleader.” “Jenn thinks of ways to keep the Team on the cutting edge and working outside of the box when promoting properties.” Finding new ways to entice audiences other Realtors© ignore or can’t reach is LaRocca’s specialty.

From the top notch buyer’s team, which includes Mia Cardenas, Israel and Tara Flores and Robbie Jones, who specialize in helping people identify their goals and realize their dreams, to Nick Helms, the Team’s right hand man, to the innovation of the listing specialists, The Cathy Stubbs Team has intentionally compartmentalized to come together to insure every aspect of the experience. “On our team, each person is matched perfectly with the right job,” Stubbs added. “And this is what makes for a much smoother transaction.”

The Cathy Stubbs Team Experience

The Cathy Stubbs Team: Mia Cardenas, Dena Day, Nick Helms, Robbie Jones,  Israel Flores, Jenn LaRocca, Tara Flores and Cathy Stubbs.

The Cathy Stubbs Team: Mia Cardenas, Dena Day, Nick Helms, Robbie Jones, Israel Flores, Jenn LaRocca, Tara Flores and Cathy Stubbs.

A key element to The Cathy Stubbs Team experience is the simple fact that each team member understands the energy that goes into buying or selling a home. Their motivation isn’t just about money made but more about the lives they touch.

Stubbs, who is married and a mother of two children — a 12 year-old-daughter and 10 year-old son — knows that buying or selling a home affects a family, and that is always taken into consideration when her Team meets and works with clients. There isn’t a rush to get to the “sign date” that will leave people in a tailspin. Stubbs wants her clients to be completely satisfied with the property and how they were treated.

That’s why Stubbs and her Team meet weekly to make sure they are giving their all to their work. “We meet twice a week formally.  We review each individual listing, the challenges we’re facing and we come up with solutions. But informally, we meet almost daily.”

The only thing that separates each Team member from one another is a wall of glass, and that’s how Stubbs likes it. The transparency allows constant communication between the Team members, and together, they stay on top of completing superior transactions.

To date, the company has closed more than 800 transactions with more than $150 million home sales. “We work well here in this office because what inspires us is true and genuine,” Stubbs said. “It’s amazing how we bonded, and we are always on the same page to get things done. I’m fortunate to have these people who are always on board 110 percent.”

Dedicated to Being the Best


Cathy Stubbs

In all honesty, buying or selling a home is an intricate process. “What people may not understand about the process of buying or selling a home is the amount of moving parts,” Stubbs explained.

The reality is that the home-buying/selling process includes Realtors, appraisers, lenders, inspectors and the Title company. Many times, not all of these entities always see the importance of the contractual time restraints in a transaction. It is Stubbs’ job to keep everyone on track to the finish line. Her years of experience help her anticipate problems before they become big issues. “I have a natural desire to help people and to make things happen. My dad was in Real Estate, and I worked for him, which is how I got my first taste of this business. So, I decided to make this my career,” said Stubbs, a third generation Houstonian who has lived in Fort Bend County since 1987 and currently lives in Sugar Land with her husband Alan. “Real Estate has given me an outlet to connect with people.”

And connecting is what The Cathy Stubb Team does well.  Not only does the Team work in the Sugar Land area, they cover all of the Fort Bend County area and even parts of Houston. “I feel comfortable anywhere, and although I’m luxury certified, we can work with every price line and experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone through this process 10 times or if this is your first time, we can help you through it every step of the way.”

Stubbs herself is part of the Keller Williams (KW) Luxury Homes International division, an exclusive, elite and sophisticated group of KW Real Estate consultants who demonstrate exceptional Real Estate service in the luxury real estate market. Participation in this division isn’t bought; it’s earned. Intensive training and high-bar requirements must be met before becoming associated with KW Luxury Homes International.

Many people ask when is the best time to buy or sell their home.  According to Stubbs, “The best time is when you are ready. In most cases, it’s not only a financial decision, it’s an emotional decision that is driven by life events.”  Her advice is don’t try to predict the market; hire a professional to optimize your buying power and return on your investment.

For more information about The Cathy Stubbs Team, call 281-340-4120 or visit cathystubbs.com to make your dream home a reality.

Meet the Cathy Stubbs Team

If there’s one thing Cathy Stubbs wants people to know, it’s that The Cathy Stubbs Team doesn’t rush the home buying/selling process. “We don’t practice ‘sales talk’ here,” Stubbs said. “We’re here to help, to inspire and to guide the transaction to a healthy ending. The market is always changing and so are people’s needs. We work to meet those needs.”

In addition to Listing Specialist Cathy Stubbs, detail guru Dena Day, “cheerleader” Jenn LaRocca and right hand man Nick Helms, the eight-member team includes Buyer Specialists who are professionals solely dedicated to providing the ideal buying experience.

Mia Cardenas:  Buyer Specialist

“I work hard to guide clients through the home buying process to help them find just the right home.”

Israel Flores:  Buyer Specialist

“I focus on the details with every buyer — details that grow a relationship, not a transaction.”

Tara Flores:  Buyer Specialist

“I’m eager to listen to clients’ needs to help them realize their real estate goals.”

Robbie Jones:  Buyer Specialist

“I take time with my clients.  No one will work harder for them to find their  dream home.”