High Noon for Interest Rates

Prepared by the Hardee Investment Group and RBC Wealth Management

It was just a few weeks ago when Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said the Federal Reserve may start to “taper” their purchases of mortgages and Treasury Bonds. It was tantamount to yelling “FIRE!” in a movie theater. The entire student body of investors tried to rush out the door at the same time and with devastating consequences. Because the Federal Reserve has artificially held down interest rates for several years, the fear was and is that rates will skyrocket if the Federal Reserve stops its purchases. Therefore, interest rates have jumped more than 50% from their lows in six weeks, which is one of the biggest moves in a long, long time.

300-blurbThe result is anything that is interest sensitive, such as bonds and bond funds, stocks like utilities, telecom, Master Limited Partnerships and Real Estate Investment Trusts have dropped in price very quickly, in some cases, 10% to 40%. Conventional 30-year home mortgages have moved from 3% to over 4%.

Will it continue, and what do we do? History has shown us there is opportunity in every calamity. Effectively managing these crises is how we turn calamity into opportunity. Interested in how we do this? Why don’t you call us today at 713-853-0879 or visit us online at www.HardeeInvestmentGroup.com to learn more about how we can help you and your family reach your financial dreams.

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