Having a Healthy Weight is Important

Try some of the following activities to help celebrate your health, and if you are not already at a healthy weight, begin making changes in your life:

• Eat well and stop dieting – Incorporate all five food groups into your meals each day while eating at regular intervals. Don’t set a diet goal thinking that being “thin” is going to make you happy.

• Be active – Do this by focusing on the pleasure you feel when you move along with the health benefits of being active. Start with five minutes a day. As that becomes easier, increase the time you move.

• Relax – Take a 10-15 minutes break to relax each day. Meditate, or at least take the time to clear your mind and let go of stress. Remember, this probably won’t happen the first time you try it, but hang in there, as it becomes easier and stress has been proven to lead to high blood pressure, chest pains, back pain, indigestion, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, confusion, mood swings, irritability and anger.

Achieving a healthy weight is about giving yourself the tools to have a healthy lifestyle. Talk to your doctor about the steps necessary to help you begin your healthy weight journey. According to Dr. Gildardo Ceballos, Director of Family Physicians at OakBend Medical Group, “Your doctors are here to help you live your best possible life. This includes taking care of your health, weight and mental wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice your concerns to your family practitioner; we are here to help you.”

For help reaching your healthy weight, contact Dr. Ceballos at 281-238-7870.