Growing in Intelligence, Strength and Character

Do you want more for your child? Trent InternationalE School offers a flexible education suited to enhance students’ individual talents and conquer any existing educational gaps. In addition to an accelerated, accredited curriculum, they emphasize an environment where students build confidence in themselves and develop into exceptional and courageous leaders through outstanding student/teacher ratios.

Trent’s interdisciplinary programs do not just teach; they educate. They believe an education should strive higher rather than harder, and that an ethical foundation is crucial in a changing world. In addition to academics, Trent prides themselves on advanced art programs, which they integrate into their everyday curriculum. These programs focus on the school’s award-winning visual and performing arts, including their string program and annual play.

Located in the heart of Sugar Land, Trent believes it is critical that children gain a comprehension of cultures beyond their own. Let your student develop lifelong friendships within Trent’s international community as they discover the world together.

“Trust Trent InternationalE with your children’s future, and you will see the difference,” explained one parent. A class of 2015 graduate said, “Through encouragement, love and friendship, we see that we are not from a different breed. We are all threads within the same beautiful tapestry and are all cut from the same cloth. Trent truly is a place where you can be yourself, completely unafraid of judgment.”

For more information, visit or call 281-980-5800.