God Will Always See Things Through

By Alisa Murray
Nationally recognized
portrait artist and

Well, my Sweet Lifers, how are you? Do you feel like we are living in a vortex of surrealness?  Hopefully you are hibernating like the butterflies in my garden just waiting for Spring. It certainly has been interesting with the pandemic and the “Great Deep Freeze of Texas!” In times of uncertainty, I remember my Nana saying things like, “When it rains it pours,” or “Count your blessings,” or my favorite of all, “This world is going to hell in a hand basket!” At this moment, I am feeling all of these sayings – all of the time.

Take, for example, the notion that, “This world is going to hell in a hand basket.” If you could have told me what all would be happening, or should I say no longer happening, this time last year, I would never have believed you. My mother-in-law conducts FaceTime with her ear to the camera because someone accidentally washed her hearing aids. That’s been real fun. Masks are required everywhere, which by the way, sends me into a hot flash, compromises my breathing, fogs up my glasses and wait for the most important part – completely destroys my smile. I’ve resorted to winking at people. This has seemed to convey that underneath all this “extra,” I am still toting a sweet life attitude.

Then there was the “Great Freeze of the South,” which really wasn’t a big deal at all coming from North Carolina, but that my dears, was many years ago, and this artist has acclimated quite fondly to warmer temperatures. The fireplace that has not worked in years actually fired right up. (Don’t you tell me my Nana wasn’t in on that.)  I sat for three days in an igloo built from blankets and chairs with Uncle B, James Edward and three cats. Things got nasty really quick and cold, too. One frig kept tripping that cute thing called a generator that generated a lot of aggravation if you ask me. I moved medicine to the other and emptied contents of special sauces I had made to coolers in the snow-covered pool. At least the birds were happy though as I had thought to feed them and kept feeding them more so than they customarily expect. They were as happy as could be treating the pool as their very own spa!

When the power was restored, I became a fully ordained minister even though I am a proud card-carrying Episcopalian. I walked through my freezing home praising the Lord and Baby Jesus so many times that both my boys thought I had gone plum mad, which of course, I had just a little! Thank God, too, that we had turned off the well. When we turned it back on, water came flying into the studio, and we quickly turned it off. Initially, my guys found nine breaks. Then, we turned the water on again, and it came flying into the master closet. I could hear it dripping in the wall over the bathroom on my side. OFF AGAIN! I declared then and there we were not having any more of that. I have hand-painted every room in our home, faux everywhere, and was bound and determined to save my studio and home, so we sat waiting for a complete re-pipe. I ask you, what good is insurance that does not pay for pipes? I want you to think about that logic for a spell. “When it rains my Sweet Lifers, it does indeed pour!”

As to the wise wisdom from my sweet Nana, you know the part about “Counting your blessings?” I must say through all of this and more, I still can. Honestly, it is the only thing anyone can do during times of what I call “stretching my faith.” Several “countings” to mention are all of the friends and family who shipped or dropped water to us. The visit from Father Andrew and a dear friend who we have not laid eyes on in years dropping by with paper supplies, water, dinner for three nights and my second 49th birthday cake!

Cheers to Living a Sweet Life and to “laughing to keep from crying!” It’s all good, all the time, and God will always see things through.

Take Care of YOU and stay sweet!