Genny Li: Dancing Her Way to the Top

By Lauren Dante – 

Genny Li in I Want To Dance.

Genny Li in I Want To Dance.

Genny Li, a sophomore at Dulles High School, is full of grace and poise.  She is an artistically inclined young lady who excels in both dance and music.  In addition, Genny is an honor student who spends her free time volunteering with various organizations.

Genny’s favorite hobby is dancing.  She has been dancing since the age of six at Golden Peacock Dance School.  At first, Genny studied ballet and Chinese classical dancing.  Now, Genny also takes modern classes.  “I like all types of dance,” said Genny.  “Modern, ballet and Chinese classical dancing are all different in their moves and techniques, but I like the differing styles because they allow you to express yourself in unique ways.”

As one of the advanced students at the Dance School, Genny attends dance competitions.  During the last competition season, Genny won many awards for her modern solo, “I Want to Dance,” as well as for her Chinese folkloric dance, “Prairie Dream.”  At the Showstopper American Dance Championships in Houston in April, Genny won first place platinum in the open category, first place double platinum in the contemporary category and first overall top solo in the senior division.  Due to her high rankings at this contest, Genny was invited to the Showstopper Finals in Galveston over the summer.  At this contest, Genny claimed the title of overall top score in the solo senior division.  As one of the youngest in her division, it was an honor and wonderful accomplishment for Genny to outscore her older competitors.

Other awards that Genny has received include a judge’s special award and 2nd overall top solo in the teen division at the Legacy Dance Championships.  During the Stageone National Finals, Genny won first place in the modern category for her modern solo, first place in the open category for her Chinese folkloric dance and first place overall top solo in the teen division.  For her high scores, Genny receives many trophies and plaques to commemorate her victories.

Genny’s passion and interest in her solos play a crucial role in her success at the competitions.  She learned her modern routine in only three days during the summer, but continued to perfect it until competition season in the spring.  “The hardest part of the dance was all of the leg lifts,” said Genny.  “However, I worked on perfecting the dance moves, and then I was really able to express my emotions through my movements.”  The piece “Prairie Dream” was a Mongolian Dance that involved many shoulder and hand movements that are characteristic of the Mongolian style.  Genny describes the dance as very peaceful with pretty music.

The music that Genny dances to is very important to her since she is a musician.  Genny has played piano since she was five years old and began playing the clarinet in sixth grade.  She is currently a member of the Dulles High School marching band.

Between band and dance practices, Genny is extremely busy, but she makes her schoolwork a priority.  She is an honor roll student and enrolled in the prestigious Math and Science Academy at Dulles.

Genny Li with her First Place trophy at Stageone National Finals.

Genny Li with her First Place trophy at Stageone National Finals.

Genny is not just a math and science whiz, she is also interested in the Spanish language and is member of Spanish Honor Society.  Through this organization, Genny volunteers her time and talents to help elementary school students, who speak Spanish, with their schoolwork.  Genny is also a member of YES and volunteers with various organizations to receive service hours.

Due to her skills in dance, music and academics, Genny is a multi-talented young lady.  As only a sophomore, Genny has been named a top soloist in the nation and won a national dance title.  Keep up the great work Genny. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!