Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy is an alternative, college-prep private school for grades six through 12 that offers class sizes as small as they come: one student, one teacher. Students may attend Fusion Academy full time or enroll in their after-school and summer programs as an educational supplement.

Personalization and customization are key elements of Fusion Academy’s programs. The curriculum meets state standards, but the classes are self-paced and taught in a way that considers each student’s individual interests, strengths and learning style. Fusion Academy also offers flexible scheduling and allows students to begin a class at any time during the year. What’s more, Fusion Academy’s students do not take their homework home with them, but they complete it under teacher supervision in the Homework Café® before they leave for the day.

Beyond academic support, Fusion Academy partners with outside therapeutic professionals and programs to support students’ emotional health and create a balance between learning and life. Each campus is also equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio and a full mixed-media art studio to provide students with opportunities for creative expression.

For those looking for additional enrichment classes, Fusion offers the following subjects for both private lessons and courses for credit, taught from the beginner to the advanced/performance level: yoga, foreign languages, piano, recording arts, voice, music theory and composition, drums and more. Each campus has a limited enrollment, and prime schedules fill up quickly. For more information, visit www.FusionAcademy.com.