Fort Bend’s Finest – Denis LaRoche

Name: Denis LaRoche
Title: Firefighter / Paramedic
Years of Service:  Currently two years with Sugar Land 
Fire Department and six years with  the Houston Fire Department.
Family: Wife Gina, two-year-old Kyleigh and 
five-year-old Adeline, six chickens, two German shepherds and a cat named Jackson.

Photo by Mary Favre.

Why public service? I was called to service from Christ our Lord

The greatest thing about your job? I’m not sure  I can narrow it down, but if I had to, it would be helping people and rigorous training that prepares myself and others to be there for our clients when they are in dire straits.

What does a Paramedic do? Paramedics are required  to give medicines that help people breath all the way up to helping their heart and circulatory systems work correctly. We are required to continually maintain our certification with over 400 hours of monthly and yearly continuing education classes.

What are your hours? We work 48 hour straight shifts.

Volunteer work: I volunteer with Immanuel Church in Needville where needed, and I have been a member of Needville Fire Department for the past six years. Needville is a community of volunteers, and it is easy to lend a hand wherever it is needed.

Inspiration: I am inspired to do my best every time I show up on scene. I look up to industry professionals like John Spera, Mark Van Appen, Howard Reinwalt and Kyle Romangus to name a few. They are all role models I look to emulate and further my career.

Hobbies: I have a daughter in softball. She has raised a bucket calf so pretty much anything my children want to do I am all in for.

What do you like to do when not working? I enjoy  the company of good friends and good food.

Guilty pleasure? Margaritas.

One thing you want to share with the community: It is truly my pleasure to serve those in their time of need.