Fort Bend Welcomes The Kensington School

The Kensington School was founded by a group of educators and youth developers that identified an unmet need for cutting-edge early childhood education in the Sugar Land, Richmond and Houston areas. They combine the best practices of Montessori education with a strong focus on 21st century skills, particularly through the integration of technology into the classroom, to better prepare young people for the world that we live in today. The Kensington School believes that this updated approach to a Montessori education better prepares students to succeed in elementary school and provides a sound educational basis for long term success in college and the careers of the future.

The Director, who has Masters degrees in Teaching and Education, prepares a curriculum that draws on the best of Montessori education and supplements the Montessori model with proven educational practices like brain-based learning for children ages six weeks to 10 years. The curriculum prioritizes the development of critical thinking skills and effective communication skills and creates opportunities to collaborate and think creatively with the goal of preparing students for the educational demands of the future.  Finally, The Kensington School values family engagement in the education of children and provides opportunities and tools for parents and families to stay involved in the education of their children.

As the Kensington School kicks off the new school year, stop by the school’s new Fort Bend location and learn about the program offerings, including before and after school care.

Call 281-232-4400, email or visit for more information.