February-2013 – Publisher’s Preview –

Lisa and Michael Fredrickson

Lisa and Michael Fredrickson

Dear Fort Bend Friends,

Unbelievable! I cannot believe this is my 100th Publisher’s Preview. God bless each one of you who have advertised, read and supported our journey covering the people, places and happenings of Fort Bend County. I have now worked for myself longer than I ever worked for any other company, and what a ride it has been! All of the ads sold, all of the galas attended, all of the pictures taken, all of the stories written and told, and now, compiled just for you, our greatest issue ever – our 100th issue! We have collected the 100 most fascinating people, places and happenings in Fort Bend so that you can keep this edition as a special collector’s issue.

As we celebrate our 100th issue doing what we love, it is fitting that it happens to be February: the month of love. We truly love what we do here at Fort Bend Focus, and we have collected a special Valentine’s Gift Guide on page 70 full of things we love to help you get that perfect gift for your sweetheart. And, if you ever wondered about the origin of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got that covered as well on page 50.

As we go forward with the new year, I can’t wait to see what the next 100 issues of Fort Bend Focus will bring. We look forward to seeing you around the Bend!

Stay Focused,

Lisa Fredrickson