Exclamation Points! – May 2014

Patti Parish-Kaminski, Robert Earl Keen and Lisa Fredrickson.

Patti Parish-Kaminski, Robert Earl Keen and Lisa Fredrickson.

I love May! It’s not yet too hot to enjoy outdoor events, like the Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association Gala that Lisa and I attended and where we met Robert Earl Keen and enjoyed a live concert, and of course, May means the best holiday all year long: Mother’s Day!

This issue is all about moms. You’ll meet mother and grandmother Linda Page who has devoted her life to children’s religious education and serving as an advocate for children in need. Linda is an amazing mom, mentor and minister. I think you’ll enjoy reading about her life, her challenges and her focus on family.

We also bring you three amazing Casa de Esperanza moms in this issue. These Mothers of Hope – Colleen, Mary and Eileen – are Casa Moms, which means they open their hearts and homes providing a safe place for children in crisis due to abuse, neglect or the effects of HIV. All of these amazing women – Linda, Colleen, Mary and Eileen – are making a huge difference in the lives of children in our community, and we wish them a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day.

If you’re still looking for a special gift for your special Mom, look no further. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide starts on page 78, and you’re sure to find something that Mom will love. I know that this Mom found a special something that she would love!

May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and on page 48, you’ll meet Taylor Nance. Taylor is a junior at Austin High School, and she has battled – and won – her fight with skin cancer. Taylor is doing great and looks forward to a bright future.

Do you know what the word philematology means? I must admit that when Alisa Murray sent in her column this month, I thought she made the word up. If you know Alisa, you know that she is an extremely creative and talented artist and making up an entire field of study is right up her alley. Actually, philematology refers to the study of kissing, and Alisa touches on the history and benefits – yes, benefits – of this cultural ritual. Check out Living the Sweet Life on page 96.

To all of our Fort Bend moms, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. And, to all of the children and dads, remember to kiss your momma this Mother’s Day. The benefits are amazing!

Absolutely! yours,