Exclamation Points! – June 2014

Lisa Fredrickson, Chef Kory Clemens and Patti Parish Kaminski.

Lisa Fredrickson, Chef Kory Clemens and Patti Parish Kaminski.

With the cold snap in May, we thought it might never arrive, but summer is finally here! While I don’t always appreciate our Texas summers, I do appreciate the more laid back pace of the summer at my house – if only for a while.

While we enjoy a respite from our hectic schedule, for many families, June is an incredibly busy month because of a long-standing tradition: weddings. In this special wedding issue, Fort Bend brides have shared their special day with us, and these blushing brides are gorgeous! While my goal is to not assist with planning a wedding for at least 10 years for my baby girl, I confess that I have saved some pages of some great ideas for the future – the far away future, many, many years from now.

In June, we also celebrate our dads and grads. If you need a special gift to celebrate, we have some great ideas on page 72 with our Things We Love for Dads and Grads.

In this issue, we also bring you a wonderful program that is making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth males. Fort Bend County Partnership for Youth’s Male Mentoring Program is a county-funded initiative led by two amazing men. You’ll meet Quacho Allison and Jeramie Parker as they share their passion for helping young men.

We also bring our readers a new feature this month: Family Night at the Movies.  These insightful reviews by Chris Hill answer the questions moms and dads want to know about current releases and help determine which movies are really “family friendly.” Take a look at Chris’ review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on page 64.

Finally, I recently attended an event that so impressed me that I felt compelled to feature it in Fort Bend Focus. I, along with 700 guests, joined Dee Koch for the Annual Investment in Youth Luncheon. This amazing program, Youth In Philanthropy (YIP), is teaching the next generation of Fort Bend residents the importance of community and of giving back, while awarding $90,000 in scholarships to Fort Bend students.  There are many ways to support YIP, and I encourage you to read about this shining star of success in our community on page 48.

To all of our Fort Bend dads, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day, and to all of our Fort Bend grads, we congratulate you on your achievements.


Absolutely! yours,