Emily Pfeiffer: Service, Scores and Success

Emily Pfeiffer

Emily Pfeiffer

By Lauren Benoit –

Emily Pfeiffer leads by example. As a Drum Major, Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and a member of PALs and YES, Emily gives her talent, time and effort to excel in everything that she does.  A recent graduate of Clements High School, Emily’s innate ability to connect with people will take her far not only at Texas A&M, but throughout her life’s journey.

An excellent student, Emily challenged herself throughout high school by taking Advanced Placement courses. Her favorite class in High School was Anatomy. “It was really cool to understand how the body actually functions in Anatomy,” said Emily.  “Also, our teacher, Ms. Lebita, really added to the fun of learning it all.”

In high school, Emily’s favorite teachers were her band instructors, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Galloway. As a drum major during her junior and senior year, Emily had the opportunity to really get to know them by working and learning from them. Emily was chosen as an Assistant Drum Major during her junior year. The only junior drum major, Emily worked closely with the senior drum majors who helped build her confidence to become the Head Drum Major her senior year.

“At the end of eighth grade, interested band students attended a marching practice, and the drum majors were so cool,” said Emily.  “The second that I could try out for drum major, I did, and it was an incredible experience that helped me become a stronger leader and build relationships with my peers.”  For Emily, it was a nerve-wrecking experience to conduct the show at the State Competition, but throughout her tenure as a drum major, she learned how to deal with fear and build it into something that she could conquer.

Emily has conquered many goals as a Girl Scout by earning her Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. To earn her Bronze award, Emily made fleece blankets for a retirement community. For her Silver award, Emily decided to make Pal-Packs after discovering that her five-year-old cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia. The Pal-Packs were filled with games, coloring books and various activities for the young patients at the hospital.

Emily’s love and empathy for young children prompted her idea for her Gold Award project. She built a collapsible puppet theatre for Child Advocates of Fort Bend County. The theater will be used as a form of therapy for the children. In addition, Emily led a stepping stone activity with the children to symbolize the importance of taking one step at a time.  Emily spent over 130 hours working on this project.

In addition to serving her community through Girl Scouts, Emily also participated in YES and earned community service hours through helping organizations such as, Habitat for Humanity, Fort Bend Shared Dreams, Dream League and Buddy Ball and the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County.

As a member of PAL’s, Peer Assistance and Leadership, Emily travels to local elementary schools and mentors students. She brings games and activities and helps them with their homework. “I really enjoyed being able to talk with the kids and work with them every week,” said Emily. “I feel like I was making a positive impact on someone’s life.”

This fall, Emily will begin college at Texas A&M University. She is majoring in Human Resources and minoring in Management. As a young adult, Emily has already learned how to excel in life: by always trying her hardest and giving back to her community. “When a person gives to their community, it makes them a better person,” said Emily. “Volunteering has made me more confident and happy with myself.”

Fort Bend County is lucky to have Emily as one of their own because she has impacted the community in countless ways. We are proud of you Emily, and thank you for making Fort Bend a better place to call home.